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  1. Both have had 6 #1 singles in Ireland I believe, MATM was Madonna's first #1 since LAP there. But Madonna ALWAYS gets #2 singles there. And Britney HAS been more successful than Madonna there since she started.

    Madonna was huge in Ireland until Erotica and Sex book were released, her popularity died after that. Evita & Ray of Light restored a lot of her fan base and her albums have sold well here since with the exception of AL. Confessions has sold in excess of 80k so far and compared to the 12k sales of AL I would consider that a great achievement.

    The Slane gig also helped as the IC went back to no.2 in the chart, showing that she does still have a fan base here.

    As for TCT, I think only the die hard fans bought that. It performed much better than IGTTYAS though!

  2. What fantastic reviews!

    And I'm fairly certain the Cardiff show will be counted as a sellout so all the naysayers can fuck right off.

    Some people don't seem to realise that the 70,000 capacity only applies to matches as concerts are always less than that. When M played Wembley, it varied from 72,000 to 77,000 even though the capacity of the stadium was 80,000.

    Your losing a god bit of the pitch and all the seating behind the stage. I'm sure it will be classed as a sellout!

  3. From BBC:

    Fans arrive for Madonna concert

    Madonna will change her outfit seven times during the show

    Around 59,000 fans have arrived in Cardiff as Madonna kicks off the European leg of her world tour at the Millennium Stadium.

    The show is Madonna's first-ever performance in Wales.

    The Millennium Stadium is the biggest venue to date in the 'Confessions' world tour, which began in Los Angeles in May.

    Plans have been put in place to deal with the extra traffic expected from the influx of fans to the city.

    The show in Cardiff is the first of 21 dates across Europe, including eight in London.

    Adapting her show to each venue, the singer will include an equestrian theme during the opening in Cardiff.


    The show was rehearsed for 1000 hours over a period of 12 weeks

    There will be 27 performers, including the band, 22 dancers, and Madonna herself

    The stage and equipment weighs 200 tons

    Eight pairs of shoes and boots and seven costumes are worn nightly by Madonna

    The disco-ball rocket ship for the start of the show weighs one-and-a-half tonnes

    400,000 watts of power are used for every performance of the show

    The tour director said the set was "enormously technical" and was state of the art with its video show.

    Chris Lamb, from California, said 150 workers from the USA, along with 200 local people had been constructing the set since Monday.

    "People are not coming to see a rock concert - this is a show, closer to theatre than a rock concert," he said.

    DJ Paul Oakenfold opened the singer's concert at 1900 BST.

    He was due to perform for around an hour and a half before Madonna's two-hour show.

    Traffic Wales said it was expecting motorways and major roads leading into Cardiff to be busy before and after the concert adding it had put in place plans to cope with the extra traffic.

    Project manager Simon Jones said: "We work with the council, the stadium and the emergency services to ensure that the event runs smoothly."

    The gates at the Millennium Stadium are opened at 1730 BST with the concert due to finish at 2230 BST.

    Madonna's European tour continues to Wembley Arena and finishes in Prague before it moves to Japan in September.

  4. Even with all the England shows, she sold 62,000 tickets at Slane on the RIT...

    There is no reason she wouldn't be able to sell 2,000 or more less than that to fill up the Cardiff stadium :)

    Plus a lot of Irish people will be travelling to Cardiff because the show won't be stopping off here and the stadium in Cardiff is much easier to get to and from than Slane. Still Slane was a fantastic show.......!

  5. From Madonnatribe:

    First Look: Channel 4 filming the Cardiff gig?

    Insiders in the UK report about Channel 4 getting ready to set up at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff at the end of the next week - apparently to prepare for filming the Madonna concert.

    There is no news at the moment about a possible broadcast planned or how the footage will be used.

    It will be great if both shows are broadcast, so we'll get an Arena show and a Stadium show! Hope it's true.

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