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  1. The Glee episode aired on Wednesday in Ireland, based on sales of one full day and Wednesday night the following entered the official Irish chart:

    The Power of Madonna EP enters at #22 (based on digital download made avail from Tuesday, phsical release today so will be included in next weeks chart)

    Celebration re-enters at #53

    In singles:

    LAP enters #19 (Glee)

    4 Minutes enters #46 (Glee)

    These should rise next week for a full weeks affect and the repeats of the show.

  2. I picked up the blu-ray today. It looks great but I still prefer the Confessions Tour but S&S is filmed better, at least it looks like a concert and not a music video.

    There are some stand out tracks on it such as LAP and the backstage footage is good. I also like the request section as this wasn't broadcast on Sky. I think what makes this DVD is the audience as they are so into it!

    It's not as good as previous tours but still miles ahead of most tours out there today.

  3. Tracklisting from HMV.COM:

    Disc One

    1. Candy Shop Medley

    2. Beat Goes On Medley-Feat. Kanye West

    3. Human Nature

    4. Vogue 2008

    5. She's Not Me

    6. Music 2008

    7. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You

    8. Spanish Lesson

    9. La Isla Bonita 2008

    10. You Must Love Me

    11. Get Stupid Medley

    12. Like A Prayer 2008

    13. Give It 2 Me

    Disc Two - DVD

    1. Intro: The Sweet Machine

    2. Candy Shop Medley

    3. Beat Goes On Medley-Feat. Kanye West

    4. Human Nature

    5. Vogue 2008

    6. Die Another Day 2008

    7. Into The Groove 2008

    8. Heartbeat

    9. Borderline

    10. She's Not Me

    11. Music 2008

    12. Rain / Here Comes The Rain Again

    13. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You

    14. Spanish Lesson

    15. Miles Away

    16. La Isla Bonita Medley

    17. Me Darava / Doli Doli

    18. You Must Love Me

    19. Don't Cry For Me Argentina

    20. Get Stupid Medley

    21. 4 Minutes-Feat. Justin Timberlake And Timbaland

    22. Like A Prayer 2008

    23. Ray Of Light

    24. Like A Virgin 2008

    25. Hung Up Medley

    26. Give It 2 Me

    27. Credits

    28. Behind-The Scenes 1

    29. Behind-The Scenes 2

    30. Behind-The Scenes 3

    31. Behind-The Scenes 4

    32. Behind-The Scenes 5

    33. Behind-The Scenes 6

    34. Behind-The Scenes 7

    35. Behind-The Scenes 8

  4. Really? Have you watched IGTTYAS? Her performance of Holiday in Lisbon goes down a storm and there is a clip of the crowd singing along.

    When she goes out on the catwalk above the crowd they are a cheering and going crazy. She RUINED HU and ROL with her dreadful guitar playing.

    It would be nice to hear a classic in its orginal form with NO guitar playing!

    Isn't that footage from Paris? but I know the point your making! Same as on BA, WTG and GS really...goes down well in every country!

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