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  1. Today Lola went shopping in the morning. Reports say she was looking for some brazilian bikinis. She did the same in 2008 when Madonna was in Rio with the Sticky and Sweet Tour.




    Tonight, Madonna went out for dinner with people from the Kabalah Centre located in Rio.


    Not even Guy Oseary, Madonna's manager, escaped from the papparazi on the beach. Hew was with his wife, brazilian supermodel Michele Alves.


  2. while Madonna spent her day at the hotel resting, Lola and Mercy visited the City of Samba (where the Carnival parades are prepared during the whole year) in the morning.


    During the afternoon, the girls enjoyed one of the greatest beaches of Rio de Janeiro.






    In the evening, Madonna left the hotel towards the Botanical Garden area to have dinner with some friends.




    Her hotel is in front of Ipanema beach, which may be a problem, since the beaches in Rio have been crowded all night long because of the night heat. Her's a photo of where she is.


  3. It's so hot in here! Today we reached 41ºC and Lola papparazi caught Lola at the pool.

    Seems she's going to stay here for the weekend. Tomorrow she'll go to Sao Paulo and return to Rio at night.

    She's also at Fasano Hotel, on Ipanema beach, where Beyoncé and Alicia Keys are. Leonardo di Caprio, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are also expected later this week.

    It's been announced here that Madonna will have dinner with Beyoncé tonight.

    Lola at the pool>




  4. It's over for now. Madonna is now on a COMERCIAL jet back to NY, a 7-hour trip. First class, naturally.

    She left Brazil with a 10000000-dollar project and also new investments on her Malaui project. She also left Rio with a promise to come back very soon and to perform a show at Copacabana Beach on the New Year's Eve Party in 2010/2011 (announced by the mayor of Rio on his official twitter).

    Brazil says a big thanks for everything and see ya at the show next year!


  5. new post from Mayor of Rio de Janeiro on twitter:

    "Abertura de 2016 é especulação distante com Madonna. Certo mesmo é reveillon 2010/2011. Esse dá para o Prefeito garantir."

    Opening 2016 Olympic Games is just speculation with Madonna, however New Year's eve 2010/2011 concert is 100% set. This show I can confirm.

  6. From DWT to SaST Madonna has returned to every little country she'd visited in the past and in toured some places she'd never been before. Australia is a big exception, there must be a reason. I really think europe might get bored of watching her shows and that will make her go to Australia and come back to South America.

    During many shows in Buenos Aires, Rio and Sao Paulo, she promissed she wouldn't spend long time away from South America (including the show on the DVD). It's easy for her to come here, since it's a few hours by plane from Miami (where she aways finishes te american tour). She earned so much with few shows and clearly had the best time in this tour. She said many times the south american audience is the best in the world.

  7. well. as a south american fan I have to say that it's quite bad not to have madonna performing here for more than 15 years. So many years have passed, so many albuns, great singles and world tours since 1993 and the Girlie Show.

    Having the opportunity to have her in Brazil for more than a week for 5 shows (two of them inmy city - Rio), the last shows of the tour 1 week before X-Mas + a photoshoot in Rio and some legendary rocking parties she has given in the brazilian hotels was kind of a present for a us.

    good luck for the australian fans...she's definitely going back there one day. But don't complain so much. Although we had the Sticky and Sweet Tour here last year, you guys still have many shows that we haven't had the opportunity to see.

  8. it was really a historical show, probably the most memorable of this Tour.

    Stadium on fire, inspired Madonna dedicating Miles Away to Rio, asking us to give ourselves a big hand right after Dress You Up, wearing the shirt of the brazilian soccer team, and having the most eletrifying perfomances of Like A Prayer and Ray Of Light ever.

    no rain, no falling on stage, no wet Madonna...perfect show.

  9. just came back from Maracana Stadium.

    the show was amazing and she was very nervous in the beginning, but as soon as she realized we weren't giving the rain any importance, she took the same attitute and performed a great show!

    WILD WILD WILD Crowd!!!!

    She was worried about us and before singing miles away, she asked us if we wanted her to leave and when 70000 said NO, she said that she was very happy to be here after 15 years.

    she felt touched by the fact that we had been standing under heavy rain since the this cold afternoon started.

    Although summer is coming next week and Rio is an icon of hot weather and nice beaches, the first show of the Sticky and Sweet Tour in Brazil has probably been the coldest one of this tour. It was freezing outside the stadium after the show and as you could see Madonna drastically changed sme of her outfits.

    Great that we have 2 shows scheduled here. Tomorrow we might see a more common show, because today's show was really different from others.

    * The moth on the screen could be seen as a black dot on the center screen.

    * The lasers efect with the rain were absolutely AMAZING!!! Hard to explain! Even Madonna got surprised!!!!!!!!!!

    * Devil Wouldn't Recgonize You and Like a Prayer also gained a different perspective with the rain...very beautiful.

    * She's Not Me and Heartbeat performances have been the damaged ones by the rain.

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