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  1. I've heard it said a lot that it was like a last minute thing to add it to the end of IB... but then in the Howard Stern interview, she talks about the creation of Vogue, and made it sound like it actually was, at the very least, inspired by the Dick Tracy project. So perhaps it was intended for something more related to the film, but ultimately ended up on the "inspired by" soundtrack.

    I think it's also been said that it almost ended up as just a b-side to something, and almost didn't even make it onto IB.

    It sounds really odd that she would record a new song for a b-side.... Unless she was already recording I'm Breathless and just threw together "Vogue" during that process and they later decided to make it a single.

  2. Oh yes! Definitely. I thought with Diplo involved in RH that we were going to get something along those lines. Maybe for a future Major Lazer album? Would be super cool!!

    Do you think he'll "remix" songs for the upcoming tour?

  3. Anyone who found this funny and laughted or thought it was planned, must be sick in the head and should be flushed immediatly.

    It's so sad to me when people think it's funny when people get hurt, but maybe I'm too sensitive. To my horror, the first time I saw the clip was on a youtube video with a person laughing like a hyena. For some odd reason, people get a kick out of seeing someone at their lowest point. :(

  4. um omega symbol, also can be interpreted as the beginning of the end, march is coming.

    And she fell. Not gonna lie, I love her but I laughed. But I also think it was planned. Because of the whole "let me fall down" "watched me stumble" bits.

    She's a business woman!

    No one in their right mind is going to say, "Hey, I think I'll get choked, fall backwards in an awkward position, and bust my head on the ground." That is ridiculous. That was a DANGEROUS fall and it was obvious that she was stunned for a second. Besides, if it was "planned" they wouldn't have put the doubled-vocals in the background during that part.

  5. I just watched it again and still feel that the fall should definitely be left in the video of the performance. Yes, it was horrible but my God, how it shows up what a professional and absolute trouper she is. People will admire her so much for her sheer determination and the ability to keep performing after such an upsetting thing to happen. I doubt many other singers would have been able to recover like that.

    They should definitely upload the video and allow the streams to count towards "Living For Love" plays. I'm becoming a bigger fan of this song after these last 2 performances. A song about perseverance. :)

  6. So good! The falling part seems a lot faster after watching it several times, which means she recovered quicker than I initially thought (I guess 'cause the first time it was so shocking, it felt like it was happening in slow motion). This just proves yet again (if anyone even needed further proof) that she is the one and only QUEEN. :bow:

    To be honest I thought I would be desensitized to the fall by now but nope . . . it's still so hard to watch when it happens. But I'm not going to let it overshadow her performance, which was brilliant in spite of everything. I love that little half-smirk she does when she says "watched me stumble", and then when she lifts those bull horns triumphantly. I just grow more and more in awe of her the more I watch.

    I know! That first huge smile looked so strained the first time I watched it, but now it seems more like she's thinking "Ha, ya thought I wouldn't get back up!" I am so proud of her! The cape dance towards the end is amazing! :D

  7. In hindsight, once Madonna realized the cape would not come undone, she should've quickly turned around and walked down the steps. After all the rehearsals, she had to of known the cape was about to be yanked. If only we could turn back time. :(

    On a positive note, it was better for the "malfunction" happen at that moment rather than something more serious! That floor looked WAY too slippery to be held up spinning around. Also, I did NOT like the high lift during the GRAMMYs.....tooo dangerous! They could've gotten the same effect by having her dancer lift her up and hold her with his arms stretched up with the other dancers sinking/laying down on the stage.

    My heart can't take all this stress!!! lol :)

  8. So happy for anyone who didn't catch this live. It was traumatic. In the moment you have no clue what the fuck just happened, if she's okay, and what's going to happen next.

    I felt an emptiness inside during those few seconds (which felt like a minute) that I can't easily explain. I thought she was hurt; then I thought she'd be pissed and storm out; then I'd thought they'd cut to commercials or that the performance was over. I mean, just the silence that fell all around her was otherworldly. The audience was mute, the dancers were frozen, she even seemed to stay still for a nanosecond, probably assessing her pain... It was fucking terrifying. Thank god the music kept going so you knew it wasn't over over.

    Then, for the rest of the performance, I thought she was just going to sing and move to wherever she needed to be at any given time. I did NOT think she was going to dance. But then she kept adding moves and choreo and I thought, HOLY FUCK. She's going for it. She's once again going to teach me a life lesson.

    And she did.

    Seriously, that's the truth! I missed the performance and so I searched for it moments later on youtube....only to see videos that said she fell (and I thought said she broke a leg!!!). I had a terrible feeling, and (of course) the internet would NOT load this forum or youtube very well at that moment. When I finally saw the clip, it showed Madonna being yanked by her neck, flying backwards down the stairs, and plopping on the ground (and it looked like she wasn't moving). Then the clip stopped!!! All through this, the fool who uploaded the clip was laughing his butt off at Madonna! I was afraid something serious had happened. :(

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