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  1. It would be amazing. Or even if she just has 2-3 songs that she can change nightly. Actually, adding additional songs during MDNA was pretty cool. We got:

    Love Spent


    Spanish Lesson

    Don't Cry For Me Argentina


    Give It 2 Me


    Pretty good really.

    Thank goodness for youtube, so I could see all of them!!! :D

  2. I feel is great for like rock bands or other artists... I have enjoyed them at concerts Ive attended for sure. That being said, Im glad Madonna stop doing them many tours ago. They are just bullshit in a show like hers, a show thats 100% planned (literally) so Im glad she doesnt feed us that bullshit. I feel she respect us as an audience by not doing encores. She telling a story just like in theater or musicals, there is no need for a fake gap. Think about it, she doesnt even like gaps for ovations between each of her songs! Frankly Id feel stupid screaming for her to come back when I know she IS coming and I know exactly what she will sing once she does.

    Just saying.

    In instances like the Girlie Show's "Justify My Love" and "Everybody," it works perfectly because those performances are so different than the rest of the show. :)

  3. I've heard it said a lot that it was like a last minute thing to add it to the end of IB... but then in the Howard Stern interview, she talks about the creation of Vogue, and made it sound like it actually was, at the very least, inspired by the Dick Tracy project. So perhaps it was intended for something more related to the film, but ultimately ended up on the "inspired by" soundtrack.

    I think it's also been said that it almost ended up as just a b-side to something, and almost didn't even make it onto IB.

    It sounds really odd that she would record a new song for a b-side.... Unless she was already recording I'm Breathless and just threw together "Vogue" during that process and they later decided to make it a single.

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