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  1. I also feel that Addicted and BS were rushed.

    The "addicted" demo that leaked first was PERFECTION. The album version sounds like a demo the vocals are not as strong and it's missing the awesome twinkling glokenspiels (or whatever the synth sound is called) during the verse. In their haste, they must've accidentally put the wrong version on the album. :(

  2. Let us celebrate the fabulous Miami single mix of DCFMA.

    I remember this being on the radio ALL THE TIME. Yes I know , it's cheesy as fuck but I loved it then and I love it now.

    This track is AMAZING. It was a nice return to upbeat music after the ballad phase of Something to Remember. This track used to come on the radio every evening while I was driving home from college. It was torture waiting for the song to be released on CD (before having adequate access to the internet, news, and youtube). :D

  3. The demo version of this song is simply one of her best, most perfectly crafted pop songs ever. It's a masterpiece!!!!!!!

    I agree. Yesterday, I listened to the demo for the first time since the album release, and it is so much better than the album version. It's a huge disapointment that they didn't keep the vocodered "Re-bel HAARarARARRRRRT" hook. The demo sounds like a potential radio classic.

  4. Words cannot express how disappointed I was when she showed up without the ponytail. :( Other than that, the show was awesome and changed my LIFE! It was also the first time I realized she cursed a lot. OMG I was watching the show with my mom, and I was recording it on VHS. I was like, "um, I'm going to stop recording..." Thankfully she told me to let it record. haha I wore that tape OUT! :D

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