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  1. I could definitely see that argument early on in her career, when basically a whole album was singles :lmao: (5-6 songs) But she has evolved into an artist that makes cohesive albums that are listenable from start to finish. Even albums like Hard Candy, that are either loved or hated, still have a universal theme and imagery. I feel as though music listeners are evolving towards album listening anyways. Obviously the general public doesn't sit and listen to albums anymore, but they're not ignored like they used to be, when people would just purchase 2-3 songs and ignore the rest. Young people are finding out how great it is to listen to a 10-15 track album and find those hidden gems.

    Back in the day, many people considered the non-single tracks to be "fillers"... I always loved most of the non-single tracks. :)

  2. She should never go back with him. He, apparently, treated her like crap. I always thought Madonna would be better suited with someone who is NOT in the spotlight....(More like Dolly Parton and her husband...you NEVER even hear about him. lol) That's what Madonna needs. *shrug*

  3. 3. The epic medley of Dress You Up, Everybody, ITTG, Lucky Star - her voice is kind of drowned out by the music and the music just seems to be the same chords and beat over and over again. It was still really fun.

    I agree! As much as I LOVE the songs included, I would've preferred to have the songs a little more like the album versions played with the current instruments/sounds, with the flamenco/gypsy flavor added on top! I still loved it though, regardless. :D

  4. The entire Rebel Heart song is distorted like Voices in HC.

    Messiah is mostly fine but the second chorus has a terrible blow out sound.

    As much as I love the record its sloppy mixing/mastering is definitely on par with MDNA

    Living For Love: over-mixed vocals in the verses

    Ghosttown: the paper burning/mic switching on sounds (no it's NOT intentional)

    Bitch I'm Madonna: volume fluctuation

    Hold Tight: drowned out vocals and the entire song is too quiet

    Iconic: over-mixed vocals

    HBC: obvious clipping

    Body Shop: muffled vocals

    Holy Water: Vogue instrumentals in the background WTF

    Wash All Over Me: over-mixed vocals and the entire song is too quiet

    Messiah: blow out sound

    Rebel Heart: distorted drums

    I'm no sound-freak but half of the album has major mixing issues :dazed:

    But her albums since American Life have always been poorly mixed/mastered so I'm used to it :popcorn2:

    The mixing issue reminds me of "Revolver" on Celebration. The vocals are too low in the mix. It's odd that they don't put more effort into making the mixes perfect. I don't remember this issues with older albums......or am I just too picky now? :o

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