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  1. I hate to say it, but my favorite moment was the leaks. :o

    Why? In the old days, I never knew when something new was coming out. I would go into the record shop, look in the singles section, and see a new Madonna release on the shelf. It was out of the blue. The leaks kind of remind me of that time long ago.

    I guess my favorite official moment was the first live performance of "Living For Love" with the red shorts suit. :)

  2. This whole album has always put me in a very happy, positive mood. It really is a feel-good album.

    Plus, Live to Tell really spoke to me when I was 11/12 years old. The line, "The light that you could never see/It shines inside you can't take that from me," meant so much to me at that time. It still does.

    Here's a clip from MTV around that time, looking back on 1986:

    The line that always touched me is when she says, "If I ran away, I'd never get to far..."

    Also, the "will I grow old?" line made me think about the future...mine and Madonna's. :o

  3. It stuns me that fans can call a collection of Madonna singles "awful". The only thing I didn't like about it was the liner notes, which some people took seriously. The music itself was brilliant (it's all by Madonna...what's not to like?!). I would have preferred the tracks to be in chronological order, but that's easily fixed. Overall, I love it and I think it should be in every fan's collection, especially given the presence of the single versions of many tracks.

    I repeat - how can a collection of Madonna singles be described as "awful"?! The mind boggles....

    After being spoiled with collections like You Can Dance and the Immaculate Collection, I think fans were expecting some sort of "compilation exclusive" mixes of the tracks. Not only did that not happen, but there were no new tracks either. So, in the end, this compilation has nothing to offer fans (except the great artwork and the AWESOME megamix...That track was the highlight of this project for me!!!). It just didn't feel like Madonna had much input in this collection (other than the tracklisting).


  4. There's nothing they could do about the delay. But I still feel sorry for the fans. Knowing they missed a part of the show. Tickets are extremely expensive and (for many people) this may be the only time they get to see the cut songs performed live. Also, the delay can make travel difficult for a lot of people.

    It would have been nice for Madonna to do something special for those fans, such as perform a one-off song during the acoustic set or something. Even coming out early to do a few non-show songs while waiting for the system to reload would've been nice.

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