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  1. Madgelover24 posted this thread on fanzine

    My source confirms Perez Setlist is 100% authentic.

    Source tells me that this was the working set list as of late last week, and that anything can change. I will make notes:

    1 Heartbeat (It is an extended version for build up of Entrance)

    2 Candy Shop/I Want Candy (I Want Candy will be brief performance and dance number, nothing set in stone with this)

    3 Open Your Heart (will be very similar in sound to original with minor changes)

    4 Borderline (Apparently Jamie convinced her to do this and they will be using one of those electronic voice enhance things when she sings this song, like in Nobody Knows Me and Die Another Day, and again she still might change her mind)

    5 Express Yourself (this will be performed with great choreography and is a definite go)

    ***OYH, Borderline, and EY may switch places in lineup, Heartbeat will be opening, confirmed***

    6 Voices (Video Interlude, song will not be performed)

    7 Nothing Really Matters (This is 50/50, either she will or wont perform this, vocal arrangements have been made, but this is the 3rd time she has considered performing this)

    8 Miles Away (Will be identical to promo tour version)

    9 Dance Tonight (Chance this will not make final set list)

    10 Everybody (will feature a sample)

    11 Vogue (Great Choreography for this)

    12 Beat Goes On (Performed with videos of Pharell and Kanye she will do dance number during Kanye rap with dancers, also great choreography planned)

    13 La Isla Bonita (Video on Screens, will NOT be performed)

    14 Spanish Lesson (this will be the Impressive Instant and Nobody Knows Me of this tour, they have something great planned for this)

    15 You'll See (Will be a very theatrical and dramatic performance, not like the brief performances of it during DWT)

    16 Girl from ipanema (short performance)

    17 Who's That Girl? (tweaked version of original)

    18 Dress You Up (fun version with latin twist too it.

    19 Rescue Me (Video on screen with the thunderstorm heavily featured in background with will go greatly into Rain)

    20 Rain (Very simple beautiful version)

    21 Devil Wouldn't Recognize You (will be amazing live with brilliant dance routine)

    22 She's Not Me (Some funky dance moves planned, killer performance planned)

    23 Hung Up (Will NOT be ROCK version, and not same as confessions, just slightly different with some new and old dance routines thrown in for a difference)

    24 Music (Heavy Choreography, similar version to promo tour)

    25 4 minutes (Similar to Promo tour with some changes)

    26 Holiday (much different than before)

    27 Give It 2 Me (Super Heavy dance routines with an amazing finish)


    will post if anything changes.

    and this is very similar to what i said weeks ago



    This setlist is perfect! There a few songs I wish she would delete, and a few I wish she would add, but overall it is a very good setlist.


  2. I think what is going to hurt COAF sales a little and probably has as of last week is that Target pulled it from it's stores. When I went to Target the other day that had shipped back the rest of their COADF studio album and Confessions Tour albums. Which they recently had about 6-7 of each plus they pulled the stickers. They just have the Immaculate and through some left over Like a Virgin albums from the Rock & Roll hall of fame promotion.

    Maybe they would sell better if they weren't always hidden behind Beyonce or whoever in the featured sections. *sigh*

    I went to a Target in Buffalo, NY. They did not have a single Madonna album on the shelf.

    I went to a Wal-Mart down the road. They had 2 TIC and one COADF.

    I noticed that too. I finally picked up a copy of the remastered "Like A Virgin". They only had 2 copies of that and maybe one other album. On the bright side, a record store in Richmond, VA has a stock pile of every Madonna album and Maxi-single. Very cool to browse through.

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