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    The ironic part is that Madonna has probably gone through a similar procedure with her tour coordinators, except she is using the black marker to scratch out all of the fan favorites and replace them with "the usual" hits. lol


  2. I was thinking about it, and I have come to the conclusion that "Give it 2 me" would make an excellent closer for the tour. Considering how many people leave right before the final song to beat the rush/traffic, it will leave those who are really into the show (and most likely into Madonna, which would mean be more likely to appreciate the performance).


  3. But wouldn't that sound a bit dated? Maybe Kevin is gonna spice it up with a sample? :p

    Webmaster of DM says "Buenos Aires" might get replaced with another Evita song.

    By the way, if Madonna likes to perform Evita songs, then the "she hates songs she didn't write" argument fails. It's not the reason why she's ignoring "Borderline" then... :(

    I re-read my post, and I think I need to clarify what I meant to say. :-)

    When I say "not the remix version," I mean not the "Te amo" remixes from the promo vinyl. The movie version is awesome (much better than the showy/circus-y version of the original movie). However, I do like how the musical version has the breakdown with just the bass and drums right before the build up.


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