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  1. We need the tracklisting for the DVD and Double CD like now. We'll all complain as usual for the glaring

    ommisions and WB fucking everything up once again.

    I have no worries about the exciting Patty release. This was a long time coming....

    I agree. As for Patty Duke, when are seasons Two and Three going to be released???


  2. EVERYBODY :inlove:

    But why oh why are they bothering with a single-disc edition? :manson: Might as well just flush her catalogue down the TOILET, Warners. Stick to the damn 2-DISC!

    No, I think this is good news! Not only will buyers have a choice between "expensive" or "cheaper" versions, the CD will sell almost twice as much since a lot of fans will buy both versions.


  3. True Blue is a forgetten gem and the VERY reason its a 2 disc set it shoud be included.

    A-men! "True Blue" should be included. They can leave off "Holiday" or even "Crazy For You" because those are already availalbe on at least two other compilations.

    Let me say "Everybody" should be included. It's a must!


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