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    Madonna collapsing on stage!

    News that Madonna collapsed on stage during her Sticky & Sweet show in Sofia, Bulgaria, made the headlines in the media outlets all over the world, giving many of them the chance to hint it is finally time for her to take her foot off the gas.

    Now, in a world exclusive report coming from our Community member Madonnko, MadonnaTribe has learnt and can reveal that Madonna did not only faint on the stage in Sofia, but she actually did that during each and every show of the 2009 leg.

    "A team of experts from the best medical universities is going to look into this" - a source told us - "because not only the Queen of Pop suffered for collapsing in repeated shows, but apparently she did that at the very same time, in each and every show".

    The experts are also considering to re-create the show once again and having Madonna perform while connected to various electronic monitoring devices, in order to find out if there is any relationship between her temporary loss of consciousness and the beats of her songs.

    At the present time it is not known if fans will also be asked to take part to the tests to re-create the exact same environment.

    If this was an on-going thing, wouldn't you think they would've "hooked her up" during one of the last sticky and sweet shows. This doesn't make sense.....though I would love to have one more Sticky and Sweet Show...Washington D.C. please! ;)

  2. Oh, and that model looks lifeless.

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  3. It says 27 videos never released before in a video collection:

    1. Burning Up

    2. Crazy For You

    3. Into The Groove

    4. Live To Tell

    5. True Blue

    6. Who's That Girl

    7. Justify My Love

    8. Erotica

    9. Deeper And Deeper

    10. I'll Remember

    11. I Want You (Yay!!!)

    12. You'll See

    13. American Pie

    14. Music

    15. Don't Tell Me

    16. What It Feels Like For A Girl

    17. Die Another Day

    18. Hollywood

    19. Love Profusion

    20. Hung Up

    21. Sorry

    22. Get Together

    23. Jump

    24. 4 Minutes

    25. Give It 2 Me

    26. Miles Away

    27. Celebration

    Those alone are worth the price!!! I am happy about this tracklisting!

  4. Dress You Up was a huge hit. Remembered by everyone who watched MTV (the Virgin Tour Video, the height of madonna-wannabes) and it also had a boost with that GAP commercial.

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  5. I think LP edit is just another way of saying radio edit. Then again, it might be listed differently for a reason, that it's a new version.

    There's a difference? Is the CD single in Q-sound?

    Single version is Q-sound, Immaculate Collection version is not Q-sound. Not sure why, you would think it would be the other way around. ah well.

    as previously mentioned, "Cherish (LP Edit)" is now listed on mtribe, replacing the immaculate collection version.


  6. Seriously- why people get so up in arms over something like this... dunno.

    Everyone realizes the fact that whatever versions that are presented on CELEBRATION will become the definitive versions for radio and casual fans. Sort of like how radio (mostly) only plays the Immaculate Collection versions of songs.

    This is also the reason why the tracklisting is so important. Honestly, how many radio stations are going to maintain copies of the "old albums" to rotate? It seems pretty rare to hear Madonna tracks that are not presented on Immaculate Collection.

  7. So I've been thinking...what are the chances that the single disc release is in fact going to be CD 1.

    I say this because...

    1. Considering this is WB, it sounds about right

    2. It was rumored that only the double disc would include "Revolver", hence it being on CD 2

    3. Alot of the "big", signature (at least to the general public) hits are on there...moreso that disc 2

    4. It would be another possibilty that it's not chronological, therefore both discs are "career-spanning" technically, as standalone discs , eliminating the need to re-sequence for a separate release

    I agree, I am willing to bet that the single CD version will simply be CD1 from the 2CD set.

  8. What versions I'd use :wacko:

    CD 1:

    01) Hung Up - Album Version mixed with extra "beeps" like confessions during the breakdown and outro, including the extra "time goes by so slowly, time goes by so slowly"

    02) Music - Album Version, maybe start with the "do you like to" vocodered vocals or something to give the intro a little twist

    03) Vogue - Single Mix

    04) 4 Minutes - Hard Candy Promo Mix

    05) Holiday - You Can Dance (single Edit)

    06) Like A Virgin - Confessions Studio Version, it's updated sounding yet stays true to the original.

    07) Into The Groove - Original Version

    08) Everybody - You Can Dance Single Edit

    09) Like A Prayer - 7" Version with Fade

    10) Ray Of Light - Album Edit

    11) Sorry - Radio Edit maybe mixed with Pet Shop Boys/Confessions Mix

    12) Express Yourself - Video Version

    13) Open Your Heart - Video Version (with the bell-like intro)

    14) Borderline - Immaculate Collection Version

    15) Secret - LP Edit

    16) Erotica - LP Edit

    17) Justify My Love - LP Version - Or the edit (without the Q sound)

    18) Celebrate

    CD 2:

    01) Dress You Up - Properly mixed Stuart version, leaning more towards the original mix

    02) Material Girl - Album Version

    03) La Isla Bonita - Edit of the Extended Mix, beginning with bongos and "ahhahh...spanish lyllubye)

    04) Papa Don't Preach - Video Version

    05) Lucky Star - Video mix

    06) Burning Up - Video Version with a hint of Stuart price

    07) Crazy For You - 13 going on 30 version

    08) Who's That Girl - Album Version

    09) Frozen - Video Edit

    10) Miles Away - Single Edit

    11) Take A Bow - Single Edit

    12) Beautiful Stranger - Video Version

    13) Hollywood - Studio version of VMA

    14) Die Another Day - Video Version

    15) Don't Tell Me - Album Edit with a fade, not just cutting off

    16) Live To Tell - Video Mix

    17) Cherish - Video MIx

    18) Revolver - I wonder how long this song will be

  9. CD 1:

    01) Hung Up - LP Version

    02) Music - LP Version

    03) Vogue - Immaculate Collection Version

    04) 4 Minutes - LP Edit

    05) Holiday - LP Version

    06) Like A Virgin - Immaculate Collection Version

    07) Into The Groove - LP Version

    08) Everybody - LP Edit

    09) Like A Prayer - Immaculate Collection Version

    10) Ray Of Light - LP Version

    11) Sorry - LP Edit

    12) Express Yourself - Immaculate Collection Version

    13) Open Your Heart - Immaculate Collection Version

    14) Borderline - Immaculate Collection Version

    15) Secret - LP Edit

    16) Erotica - LP Edit

    17) Justify My Love - LP Version

    18) Celebrate

    CD 2:

    01) Dress You Up - LP Edit

    02) Material Girl - LP Version

    03) La Isla Bonita - LP Version

    04) Papa Don't Preach - LP Version

    05) Lucky Star - LP Edit

    06) Burning Up - LP Version

    07) Crazy For You - Immaculate Collection Version

    08) Who's That Girl - LP Version

    09) Frozen - LP Version

    10) Miles Away - LP Edit

    11) Take A Bow - LP Version

    12) Beautiful Stranger - LP Version

    13) Hollywood - LP Version

    14) Die Another Day - LP Version

    15) Don't Tell Me - LP Edit

    16) Live To Tell - LP Version

    17) Cherish - Immaculate Collection Version

    I'm officially disappointed!!! I thought for sure they were going to do this compilation right. I was hoping for remastered versions with minute embellishments added to give the songs a little extra punch. I guess I can go ahead a burn a copy of CD1 to listen to while I wait for the CD to be released. *sad*

    Immaculate Collection versions should be reserved for that album.

  10. So this is the breakdown:

    The 80s - 18 Hits

    Madonna - 5 (Everybody, Burning Up, Holiday, Lucky Star, Borderline)

    Like a Virgin - 3 (Material Girl, Like a Virgin, Dress You Up) (missing: Angel)

    Vision Quest - 1 (Crazy For You) (missing: Gambler)

    Desperately Seeking Susan - 1 (Into the Groove)

    True Blue - 4 (Papa Don't Preach, Open Your Heart, Live to Tell, La Isla Bonita) (missing: True Blue)

    Who's That Girl - 1 (Who's That Girl) (missing: Causing a Commotion, The Look of Love)

    Like a Prayer - 3 (Like a Prayer, Express Yourself, Cherish) (missing: Oh Father, Dear Jessie, Keep it Together)

    The 90s - 8 Hits

    I'm Breathless - 1 (Vogue) (missing: Hanky Panky)

    The Immaculate Collection - 1 (Justify My Love) (missing: Rescue Me)

    Erotica - 1 :shock:(Erotica) (missing: Deeper and Deeper, Bad Girl, Fever, Bye Bye Baby, Rain)

    Bedtime Stories - 2 (Secret, Take a Bow) (missing: Bedtime Story, Human Nature)

    Something to Remember - 0 :((missing: I Want You, I'll Remember, You'll See, This Used to Be My Playground, One More Chance)

    Evita - 0 :D(missing: You Must Love Me, Don't Cry For Me Argentina, Another Suitcase in Another Hall, Buenos Aires)

    Ray of Light - 2 (Ray of Light, Frozen) (missing: Drowned World, The Power of Goodbye, Nothing Really Matters)

    Austin Powers - 1 (Beautiful Stranger)

    The 00s - 8 Hits

    The Next Best Thing - 0 (missing: American Pie)

    Music - 2 (Music, Don't Tell Me) (missing: What it Feels Like For a Girl)

    American Life - 2 (Hollywood, Die Another Day) (missing: American Life, Nothing Fails, Love Profusion)

    Confessions on a Dance Floor - 2 (Hung Up, Sorry) (missing: Get Together, Jump)

    Hard Candy - 2 (4 Minutes, Miles Away) (missing: Give it 2 Me)

    Other - 0 (missing: Me Against the Music, Hey You)

    Thank you for breaking this down!!!! It's interesting to see what's missing.


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