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  1. I agree. She aged 10 years in 1 year (late 1992 - early 1993) and it all went down from there till 1995. She started looking amazing again in 1995. I do not know what it was in 93-94: was it the fact that for the first time in her career she had troubles and was practically hated by the mainstreem public, was it the fact she looked totally unfemininethanks to her wardrome/make up/fitness regime... I do not know, but I always wondered how she went from looking magnificent in 1991 to looking so unsexy in 1993.

    I strongly believe the "lack of eyebrows" is what makes her look soooo much older. She looked fantastic in League of Their Own, but aged in the "This Used To Be My Playground" video.

    I remember those days of having Madonna mentioned being in attendance at several basketball games during this time. This was right after the "her career is over," and I had thought the "Bye Bye Baby" import was going to be her last musical release. It was an interesting time. It made me value the release of "I'll Remember" that much more. Remember, this was pre-internet days.

  2. madonna - Burning Up

    like a virgin - Material Girl

    true blue - La Isla Bonita

    who's that gir - The Look Of Love

    you can dance - Spotlight

    like a prayer - like a prayer

    i'm breathless - Vogue

    immaculate collection - Into The Groove

    erotica - Erotica

    bedtime stories - Secret

    something to remember - you'll see

    evita - I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You

    ray of light - frozen

    music - Impressive Instant

    the next best thing - American Pie

    ghv2 - Beautiful Stranger

    american life - Love Profusion

    remixed and revisited - your honesty

    confessions on a dance floor - Hung Up

    hard candy - Spanish Lesson

    celebration - Celebration

    b-side - Pretender

    soundtrack song - Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Miami Mix)

    internet surfaced demo - Like an Angel Passing through

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