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  1. It's amazing that a massive difference in airplay between Madonna and Mariah only resulted in a sales difference of 70k and that included TMB having a video and more time at radio as well!

    If WBR waited another 1-2 weeks, 4M would have had a very good chance of being No.1 as airplay would have continued to grow and the video would have premiered.

  2. I hope 4M can maintain decent sales over the coming weeks and continue selling between 150 and 200k with airplay hopefully still rising. I think it has a chance at No.1 over the next 2-3 weeks because I'm sure Mariah's sales numbers will drop significantly next week and beyond.

  3. So R&B/Urban music doesn't do well in the UK then? I really think songs from Janet's new album such as "Rock With You" and "2 Nite" would be perfect for that market though. I think with the right promotion, she could possibly have another hit over there.

    I think so too! I think Rock With You would be perfect.

    Has Feedback been released in the UK yet? :confused:

  4. It's her style of music. The Brits just aren't into that just like most Americans aren't into the disco/dance music Madonna has been making lately. It's not just the UK either. Janet has a really hard time on the charts here in Australia too. In fact, they do even worse here than in the UK.

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