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  1. A week 2 projection of 90k? :shock: You'd think that with an opening of only 280k, the drop off might not have been so severe. It would've been nice to see HC have a 2nd week on top. The last time Madonna spent more than a week on top was way back in 1989!

  2. Woah. :shock: Only 475k for Mariah? Even though that's still a very big opening, I'm sure both she and IDJ records must be very disappointed with that number considering the huge success of TMB and all the promotion she did (Oprah, AI), which led to predictions close to 600k.

  3. I'm just loving all this press Madonna's getting from scoring her 13th UK No.1! :wow: It seems like it's getting more press coverage than Mariah getting her 18th No.1 in the US.

    Eek at Kylie's In My Arms. :shock: Will this be her first single sinve Breathe to miss the top 10? And I didn't realise that X had sold over 400k already.

  4. Congratulations, Madge! Well, done on scoring your 13th UK No.1! Let's see if we can pass pestlife this year. ;)

    Oh, and how wonderful that Mariah's new album can only debut at No.3 even after all that promotion she did. She must be quite annoyed by that chart placing. :D

  5. I think it's just outrageous that a song with such massive sales is struggling at radio compared to other songs that can't generate the same amuount of sales with such massive airplay. This clearly highlights the inadequacies of the Billboard chart system that puts so much emphasis on airplay, which is obviously dictated by a select few.

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