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  1. At the club where I work at, we've been given the green light to start playing Beat Goes On. So far, the only thing we have received is a WHITE label promo with 3 different versions. Does this mean this will be the 3rd single?

    I certainly hope so. This is the only song that can garner enough airplay to let people know of a new song and make it into the Hot 100. This really should've been the follow up to 4M.

  2. The 1989 charts debates were just like that!

    I collect album reviews and sales data comparisons since the LAP era:

    that album was often labelled as a disappointment, there are many reviews


    "Ok, she tried to shock us with the first single and video, so the album went to no.1. Then she spent millions of dollars for the second video, but the song flopped (= it didn't catch the no.1 spot). Now we've got a third single and video, in which she tries to be sweet smiling among dolphins. But there's a fact: LAP is struggling to sell a half of what TB did, and Madonna lost her identity. USA has its new Madonna now: Paula Abdul. She sings better than Madonna, she dances better than her".

    OMG! That's hilarious! True Blue sold almost 8 million and LAP did about 4.5 million. Paula can sing better than Madonna??? Sure, she can dance better. That was 1989/90. Fast forward to 1998/99. Madonna's ROL has sold 15-16 million and Paul Abdul is a has-been and sold zero albums (well, maybe a handful of copies of her first album...). LMAO!

  3. OK thanks! :thumbsup:

    Well then it's safe to say that if Bedtime Stories was released in the spring, it would have done the same as Hard Candy. Like Hard Candy would have done 400k already, if it was released in the fall, or a bit more. ;)

    But compare it to ROL, which was released around the same time, where the album had sold about 300k in just 2 weeks.

  4. Didn't the same happen with Bedtime Stories? And it was released at the end of the year, so sales should have been way higher. Not to mention it didn't even manage to spawn a UK hit...

    Not really. It did well initially and the bulk of its sales came from the holiday period. If I remember correctly, it was already certified platinum after a month. Anyway, "Bedtime Stories" spawned 4 top 10 hits, 2 of which went top 5.

  5. Give it 2 me up to 18 on UK itunes :vanitybonet:

    That's great! Hopefully it can be in the top 20 come Sunday. Is this based on only 1 version at i-tunes only?

    Hopefully, HC can start moving back up the chart. It so desperately needs to pass 300k in sales! How sad that a Madonna album has only sold 200k in the UK after 2 months! :shock:

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