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  1. Yikes! 220k after 2 weeks. Poor Mimi...if she thought things could not get worse after "Glitter"...

    Madonna seems to have held on better than expected given what her early numbers on HITS looked like. I'm hoping SS numbers are higher and is enough to stay in the top 20 on Billboard.

    Wow. Paramore took a real beating!! :shock:

  2. LORD, this is sad. I remember how years ago a record wouldn't even have to peak in the top FIFTY and they could still sell 500,000 to 1,000,000 albums if their sales were steady enough.

    Now it's not even a guarantee that you'll be able to sell that much by debuting in the top ten. So sad. :zombie:

    Don't tell Mimi that. She might have another "breakdown"... :bad:

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