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  1. I remember quite a few people knocking "Music" when it was released. Even after it became a hit, there were still many taking pot shots at it because of the lyrics:

    Hey Mister D.J., put a record on I wanna dance with my baby…when the music starts

    I never wanna stop, it's gonna drive me crazy…Music makes the people come together…I like to boogie-woogie…

    Not exactly deep, clever, or meaty lyrics. Truth be told, if I wasn't a Madonna fan, I would have probably rolled my eyes at it too.

    Well, it's still a heap more intelligent than "umbrella ella ella eh eh eh..." Puhlease!!!

  2. When the PSBs "Numb" charted last year, it was #7 in physical sales, but ended up in the 20s on the main chart. It's really all about downloads these days!

    Yes, and it broke their top 20 run at 21, which started with Can You Forgive Her and ended with Minimal! :americanlife: Anyway, why they chose to release Numb is beyond me... :confused:

  3. :D :D Fab info! What's the source, dear?

    Top 5 markets with confirmed retail sales:

    1. US 1.628

    2. UK 1.260

    3. FR 0.775

    4. CA 0.474

    5. JA 0.445

    Germany might be in the Top 5 since it's certified 5xG, sadly no retail sales are known. Italy, Spain, Australia and either Sweden or Brazil (or Russia :p) would be the remaining in the Top 10.


    That's over 4.5 million in hard sales in just 5 countries! :wow:


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