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  1. if the NJ crowds are so boring, maybe she should stop going there on every tour and maybe put DC back on the schedule since we treat her like the queen she is.

    Even on one of the RIT bootlegs i got from the show i went to, she said how we were the best crowd so far on that tour. Of course she probably said that at every show, but i have many bootlegs of that tour and its the only one i heard her say it on. not sure why she dropped DC anyway?

  2. on october 17, 1993 she played MSG

    you're right. Cause i went to the MSG shows and i remember it being in mid-october. Cant find my ticket stub though to verify the date i went. I also went to the Philadelphia show and i believe those were the only 2 east coast cities she played.

    The philly show took place during the world series i believe? I remember a lot going on that night.

  3. Don't we all find ourselves exhausted everytime she has a new concert or releases a new album? LOL. BTW, I'm so proud to be her fan. The bitch ROCKS!!!!

    I know exactly what you mean. I sat here last night as that one member here posted the blow by blow of every moment of her show last night and by the time it was over, i felt wiped out, like i was actually there. Who knew hitting REFRESH could be so exhausting! LOL

    But she does that to you, I would say it was just as exciting as being there but of course its not...the good thing is, the shows we are going to are still to come! whoever went last night, its all over! :(

  4. LAP on RIT was an example of a simple performance, but very magical because of the whole freakin' arena singing along- very powerful moment.

    I remember seeing RIT here in DC and when Like a Prayer came on and the lights were up just a tad, and you could even see the people who worked at the arena watching from the portals. it was like, just for 4 or 5 minutes, the whole arena was in rapture. I'll never forget it.

    you were right, it was a very powerful moment. Same thing at Madison Square Garden for the late June show i went to (i think the 24?) the singing along was outrageous! Its over done to say one had goose bumps but i did!

  5. I never thought of it this way... :shock:

    yeah, watch it again and see how she slowed it down just a tad, and with the way the bass just thumps thumps thumps throught out the song, gave it a darker, sleazier tone. she took it from being a light poppy song to something else and it was fantastic what she came up with.

    and that other poster was right, there is a moment right before the 'rap' part starts where there is a similar routine that was done in RIT. It was kinda cute there. I believe around the "bette davis, we love you" part. same routine exactly. Very cool

    I dont normally watch these leaks but i had to see Vogue. You hear all these scoops before hand and it can kinda worry you, you hear things like 'oh she changed it so much and this is going on and thats diffeernt" then you see it and its not ALL that different. She knows what she's doing. We should trust her more by now! :)

  6. oh yeah! This Vogue is up there with the best one yet! The underlying sound is very sleazy and i love it. Its not fast and frantic. The thumping is amazing!

    BA was never my fave performance of Vogue anyway. I didnt think any of them looked particualry good during that one. The outfits were rather blah. This was is great!

    Thanks for posting it!

  7. I think the Erotica guy is there again. The guys are OK, the women... Madonna would never choose a beauty to outshine her on stage.

    i think you are right...i thought i saw the Erotica guy too. he was also in Re-invention. He was the one in the long black wig during Vogue, the one Madonna put her leg over his shoulder.

    also, the guy with the long black hair, he's here again.

    And you are probably right about Madonna not picking nice looking women.....LOL. They are never blonde either. She is always the only blonde onstage

  8. actually back your ass up. right after i sad that thing about the throne, lo and behold, seconds later, waiting came right in with what i said. go read probed for sheep.

    and youre right, i dont know when to SHUT UP. and i never will. :thumbsup:

    it is funny how many people get upset about things like a CHAIR! I doubt when i'm at Madison Square Garden that i'll be even able to the SEE the chair. I'd love to think that most people, while seeing the show, would be looking at her and not the chair she's sitting on.

    and to me it looks a little different than the first one...that one had gold legs didnt it? this one looks more silver-ish?? just my take. Not that i care! LOL

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