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  1. I loved Confessions too. The tour is my fave, the cd is my fave, i loved everything about it, and the DVD is good, just not what i prefer in a concert dvd. I like the bootlegs better, but i do LIKE the dvd, but i just like my concerts a bit more raw. And that mugging for closeups and smirking got on my nerves after a while. You had that awesome opening segment and then that out of no where close up of her looking right into the camera and smirking, it was like 'where the F did that come from?"

    still good though.

  2. The problem with the IGTTYAS edits is, like Truth or Dare, it's not the whole performance for some (all?) tracks (i.e. "Vogue"). We don't know if that's what the DVD was going to look like or not (just like the BAT DVD probably wouldn't have had the same cut as the TOD performances). But, looking at the Confessions Tour DVD, it could have had all kinds of crazy special effects.

    Did the S&S broadcast have any effects? Or will the production team "dazzle" us with some on the actual DVD?

    the S&S broadcast had some effects but nothing like Confessions did. Some of the stuff going on in MUSIC during confessions (the 3-d twisting wine glasses or whatever) was just stupid and not necessary. I only remember the opening segment of S-S having effects. During the pinball candy thingy going on, they tried to over-impose the candy ball thing coming right off the screens over the audience etc. The rest was filmed ok. One thing i didnt like about the Confessions filming was there were obvious re-cuts like when the disco ball opens and she's looking right at the camera, that shot does not look like it was during the actual concert, some times i think she did some live re-shots for close up effects...that was distracting. BUT that said, the broadcast of S&S was better than seeing it in person. I didnt really enjoy it live.

  3. Can I just say how much I hate the new Billboard site? Awful new design which is very cluttered and difficult to navigate. The old fashioned html was much preferable to this new flash one. I suppose it was time they modernised it and everything but they went to far, I hate those pop up widgets for listening to the songs, you can't get rid of them.

    And what happened to the brilliant Fred Bronson? :( Just not the same.

    i totally agree too. and it takes FOREVER to load. I cant imagine what it would be like in the days of dial up. I have fast speed and it takes a few minutes for each new section.

    and dont even get me started on the viruses that site has. At least once a month i log in and get some sort of fake virus thing saying my computers been hacked into and it hasnt.

    i'm confused about so many things on there. Why are all the Beatles peak positions so low? didnt these albums do better or are they only counting the CD peak? since of course in the 60's there werent cds?

  4. Lady GaGa sold 4mil of the Fame WORLDWIDE.

    Taylor's sales were mainly driven in USA...

    thanks for replying. i think thats what i was thinking about (the 4 million and it being world wide sales) i knew i had 4 million in my head, just didnt know what it reffered to.

  5. for some reason, i thought Lady Gaga sold 4 million of the fame so far...but i guess that was dumb cause no one but Taylor has sold that...am i right? i was just shocked when i saw it at 1.8 million?

    and why does everyone LOL at Shakira? I think she's ok. I mean was ever really a big deal to begin with? i know she's had a few good tunes here and there but i never thought much of her beyond that.

  6. I hope it showcases some videos that never made the tracklisting of the GH

    JML and Erotica may be a problem cause it means automatic R rating.

    wasnt EROTICA supposed to be included on the 93-99 collection, and i think i even remember a tracklisting coming out and the original title was 92-99 and then suddenly EROTICA was removed and the name changed to 93...

    am i correct? Seems that video really scares WB. you'd think after all this time though, that its not as scandalous as 1992

  7. why do i always meet new Madonna fans (and fellow freaks) AFTER her tours have passed?!?!?!

    I live in Laurel, probably not too far from you. what shows did you recently go to alone? i'll send you a PM with my email.

    Its nice to meet you and welcome to the board. A lot of new people showing up lately. Its really nice

    have a good friend who lives in Mexico and he's actually flown here to DC to see her with me before. so i never feel too crazy when i go a great distance cause i know he's gone further than i have! i've never actually left the country to see Madonna! LOL

    He is super excited cause she's about to start her Mexican shows and its her first time there since 1993 so its a HUGE deal there. I was in Mexico in early May when her tour was announced and it was front page news....FRONT PAGE, not the entertainment section...but front page of the entire paper...i thought at first that she had died while i was on vacation there, but my friend read the story and said "no she's just coming here on her tour' and i said something like 'man, i thought she died or something' and he goes "no, that wouldnt have been as big news as her coming here to perform again! LOL"

    so anyway, he is flying to Mexico city to see her this weekend. I had wanted to go but i already spent a fortune on this tour and it took a while for her to confirm the Mexico City shows.

  8. I see you weren't the only one who was yelled at. Some bitch behind me yelled at me to sit down at the beginning of the show and I politely turned around and told her to fuck off. You're right. I've been to several Madonna shows (in DC, New York and Philly) but this was the absolute worst crowd. Most of my section (105) sat down for several songs and it was a complete downer. I could tell Madonna was irritated by some of the comments she made about the audience - like calling the audience "weird". I don't think I'll ever see another Madonna show at Atlantic City. I will continue to see her in NY where the audience seems more in tune, exciting (and excited), and more appreciative that she's still performing after all these years.

    where do you live? I see you listed seeing Madonna in DC? Which shows did you see here? I live in DC myself. And since we've fallen off her tour schedule of late, i've had to trek to various locations to see her.

    Would be cool to have a new Madonna-travel buddy! :thumbsup:

  9. Pud is so cute! if Madonna ever graces the Washington DC area with her presence again, i want you to come see her here with me!

    and if she doesnt, i'll always go to NY and see her....what show did you go to? Please dont say the 6th cause i was there and i missed you :banghead:

  10. i'm one of those rare exceptions where i actually loved the RIT tour. Would probably be my 2nd fave after Confessios and i've seen THEM ALL...EVERY TOUR. so it is possible to have RIT ranked up there and still be a fan from day 1.

    I hated DW and i'm way over 30...so i blow that theory too. But thats just me. theres always an exception.

    (Pud is so sexy!)

  11. one last comment....LOL The whole request thing...kinda stupid really. Dont be asking the crowd for requests and then pick and chose what you want to do. Its like someone saying "i want to take you to a movie for your birthday, pick one, its up to you" and then you pick one and they go "well, any movie but that one"...then dont ask if you have conditions.

    yeah, some peoples choices arent really appropriate, like i'm so sure she isnt gonna rip into "love dont live here anymore' between Ray of light and hung up, or wherever this segment was....but she could always pretend to have gotten a request and sing whatever she feels like. She is an 'actress' after all. :demonic:

  12. i agree with nothing MY tommy said. but i love tom. ive known him since 1998. when i was just in new york, i called him and he took the rest of the day off just to show me around. took me to the bad girl cafe and the roxy and shyt. hes the greatest. but we always have different opinions about madonna.

    me and my tom - he has the most beautiful skin ever.



    and Pud, dont be so quick to point out how nice looking he is....you are SEXY AS HELL! My kinda guy through and through! :thumbsup:

  13. i kinda thought his review was spot-on to how i felt. I just dont know if i'd say it the way he did.

    I did get a chuckle out of certain parts like when he acted so shocked that she sang Borderline like anybody in the free world didnt know the set list for months before?

    and i kinda laughed when he described the Rain video interlude and got confused and goes "well, it doesnt really matter'...then why are you talking about it and we are watching it? LOL

    and i loved how he kept reminding us (and her) that she doesnt have many hits anymore. he said it about Music (we all know its your only # 1 hit in ages! LOL) and about 4 mins as well...how she had to do it cause it was her only hit. and Ray of light was her only hit in a long time.

    He's cute....i'd do him :demonic:

  14. they had shit loads of Hard Candy cds all over the store .. stacks & stacks.

    our local best buy had quite a few recently as well. YOu could tell they ordered a new supply. Plus a nice handful of CONFESSIONS as well.

    the weird thing was, they now have the Hard Candy box set thingy, they had 3 of those. This cd has been out since april and this is the FIRST time they've had that. This best buy is notoriously slow in getting the product in. They were the same with the Confessions special set too. It was well into 2006 before they carried it and by then i already purchased it on amazon.

  15. I saw the show for the second time last night from the 100 level (105 or 106 I think), and eventhough I was further away I enjoyed myself just as much. The seats were great, not too high up. For the NJ show I was 2nd row in front of the catwalk which honestly can't be beat because:

    1: M was feet in front of me

    2: It was US opening night

    and 3: It was my first time seeing this tour, so it was alot to take in at once.

    It was great last night to take it all in from a different perspective and pick up on the little things I may have missed 1st time around. Also since I was higher up and on a slight angle I could see underneath the stage when it opened up and see the dancers running around underneath, and the piano being set up for Devil etc. which was cool.

    She started at 9:45. The sound was MUCH MUCH better than IZOD (as expected) though during La Isla the speaker kept popping. The crowd was great too, almost everyone in the entire place was up the whole night (with the exception of the half the row behind me). In fact, everyone in arena was up right from the start until the opening bars of the Rain interlude. By that point everyone sat for Devil and a few of us got up for Spanish Lesson until everyone stood for Miles Away.

    She did 'I Love New York' during the requests after turning down some requests. Alot of people around me didn't seem to know it. All around me people were yelling for Open Your Heart, she really needs to drag that one out next time around or else :evil:. There were a few people in the first few rows with signs for NOTHING REALLY MATTERS :dramatic: which she looked at and turned down. No Palin speech, she said she didn't want to bother or something.

    I have to head out now but I'm planning a setlist breakdown for tomorrow :)

    she really started at 945? That has to be a record??? The one DW show started after 10pm but that was a power failure that delayed that show

  16. your review was really good.

    Liked a lot of what you said. Also agree that this opener places behind Confessions and Re-invention.

    I liked the DW opener (the only part of that show that i did like) but most of my friends hated it.

    i didnt 'get' the whole La Isla Bonita thing. What song was she mixing it with? She'd sing a line from Bonita and then sing something i wasnt sure what she was saying. it was confusing. was that doli doli thing mixed in there or was that the part at the end where she was sitting there clapping while those other guys were playing the violins?

    you realize too how few people know the spoilers or things on youtube because during human nature, everyone around me was buzzing about britney, so many people asking each other was it her or not? and then when she said at the very end "its britney bitch'...everyone in my section screamed (in a good way)

  17. but the merch was pretty crappy this tour (except for the tour book). But that's good, the less I buy the better.

    I agree here!

    I bought 2 shirts...and got x-large cause i like my shirts oversized and these things fit me like i'm 7 months pregnant and i'm SKINNY! they are so tight i even looked at the tag to see if they were muscle fit or something cause these things are at least a medium.

    awful material.

  18. I remember on RIT and the CT the crowds at the very first MSG show were (relatively) tamer and the crowds were much rowdier at the later MSG shows. I remember at the last few CT shows at MSG I would feel the floor shaking at times because the crowd was jumping and stomping on the ground so much. :wow:

    i went to the later Confessions shows at MSG...I dont have my tix stub right here, but i believe it was Sunday July 2 and Monday the 3rd? i went to 2 nights back to back and they were right before the 4th of july

    those were the later shows werent they? she had so many at MSG for that tour i cant remember, and they were all broken up. i think she even had 2 more later in July?

    The Re-invention show i saw was June 24 or 25th? i think it was a thursday.

  19. Your post said everything i tried to say!

    I was the one who mentioned the random empty section. So it did fill up? I never looked over there again.

    You were right too that she's had better crowd energy at past shows...especially the 2 shows i saw of Confessions last time. It was pure electricity at those shows. Dont get me wrong, they were great last night, but its been better

    i also feel the same as you, where i give it a 7-8 out of 10...cause confessions was my fave too.

    My only disagreement with you was i did feel like it looked and felt rushed. to me it was kinda all over the place. Maybe its a good thing that its not so mechanical as she's been before. it seemed kinda sloppy. Some of the dancers routines and stuff didnt seem very impressive.

  20. Just getting back from New York!

    had a great time but let me do a quick review. let me also say that my opinions are just my preferance, i'm notsaying they are FACT

    I thought the show was really good and great fun, but i preferred Confessions and the re-invention tour to this one. i would put this 3rd. The sections of the show that worked were great, but the parts that missed, i felt missed badly.

    I kept wondering if this would have been the show we would have gotten had she not been forced into touring so fast once that live nation deal came into play. It didnt have a feel to it, like that she put a lot of work or preparation into it.

    but someone said on here before (maybe holidayguy?) that even madonnas more lackluster shows are much better than another artists very best show.

    ok, from the beginning. Sure took a long time to start, the latest start of any of hers i had been to since a DW show in DC that started well after 10pm...i dont mind the lateness but i got tired of the complaining around me...some lady behind me kept saying the time out loud "ITS 9:07...THIS IS JUST RUDE AND MEAN" (exact words! LOL) that lady was too much!

    i even sent thebigham a text around 915 saying "good lord, is it EVER gonna start"

    at least the place was PACKED by the time she started. Except for section 92...what was up with that? the whole entire section was empty? Why would section 92 be held back?

    ok, on to the show. The opening was good. Didnt blow my socks of like Re-invention with the beast within or Confessions video/disco ball but it was good enough. I'm one of the few that really enjoys Candy SHop so i didnt mind it. my friend said (he hadnt watched any of the spoilers or youtube things, he's not THAT big a fan) he thought she was gonna be shot down a pinball shoot or something like that instead of just sitting in a chair. LOL..i said its not a chair...its a THRONE! LOL.

    the first section of the show was really good...Vogue was hot, but i could sense some confusion near me, some people couldnt understand that mash up, some where thinking it was 4 minutes and then when vogue started, they seemed hesitant to react cause no one knew what song it really was.

    the next segment was ok. the old school stuff. Awful outfits though.

    i really enjoyed the spanish stuff and the couple posters who already commented on how good Spanish lesson was...they were exactly right...i fucking LOVED it. That was the funny thing with this show, the songs i didnt normally like much, were great...like Borderline was fantastic, and Spanish lesson was great. The songs i love, like Like a prayer, were too much (to me) I prefer Like a prayer the way she did it at Re-invention, a little more easy going, not so blown out. it was too much last night. even the blonde ambition style was better

    I did enjoy she's not me and the little mix of a dj saved my life. that was cool

    and the video for Get Stupid...EXCELLENT. just as good as the Sorry re-mix last time.

    Hung up wasnt as bad as i had feared but wasnt very good either. Its such a classic the way it is, i would have loved it to have stayed the same. I mean that song (to me...once again) was all about the sample, and to take that away was weird. That said, the crowd didnt seem to mind at all as they were tripping last night. It wasnt as electric as Confessions where my hair on my neck was literally standing on end...or during Like a prayer at the Re-invention show were it was so loud, i almost cried because it was magical.

    all in all i would give it a 7 or 8 out of 10. Confessions got a 10 from me. Its always hard to follow a WOW! show like Confessions was. It was bound to be a let-down for me but i still enjoyed it and she did work her ass off. I geuss because i loved the confessions cd so much more than Hard Candy (which i like, but not as much)...i would prefer a show built around that cd.

    the clothes were pretty bad towards the end too...the shoulder pad thing for 4 minutes was hideous. and all the helmets and furturistic stuff was too much.

    on a different note, on the way out, i noticed someone dropped a ticket stub and i saw it and picked it up to keep for myself and it was really different from mine, i got mine from ticketmaster and its a light green/white ticket...this one was a light purple, but i noticed how much more this ticket was...364 vs mine for 354.

    i thought 354 was top dollar at MSG? i think this ticket was purchased at MSG box office? Are the purple ones bought in person? also...what is the FC on the ticket? mine for ticketmaster says 4.50 but the MSG one says 14.50

    is that a facility charge or something? Wow, hefty price for buying in person.

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