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  1. just picked up my copy. our best buy only had 2 copies when i got there. I'm sure they didnt have much more than that anyway. Kinda surprises me considering when Confessions came out, then ordered tons. they had quite a few single disc Celebrations, and a few Hard Candy and a few Confessions on a dance floor

  2. how did i forget "definately one of the all time worst!" hahahhahah

    i was gonna do the other last night where she said "the sound kept cutting off and everyone thinks the fucking show is over"

    i see someone had that too!

    great stuff!

    the Chanelta one is great too...i love how she said NOW!

  3. I love when she throws herself down on the couch after hanging up and she hits her elbow -- "OW!" And then she pouts for a second, and then she smiles. It's so adorable -- such a cute little tantrum before she remembers herself.

    yes! i know what you're talking about. That whole segment was filmed here in DC where i lived..it was the premiere of teh DICK TRACY movie and that was done in Washington. I forget the name of the theater, but i know i saw truth or dare there. its a fancy place. i wonder if its even still there?

    if you watch as she walks into the theater, a guy with a microphone and mustache...thats our local entertainment news guy...Arch Campbell. he's still on the same show. he was the one sent there to cover the premiere.

    anyway...quote time

    'someone stuck some big fat guy in the front row and he gave me dirty looks all night long, Freddy, you told me there wouldnt be industry in the front row!"

  4. Me confused!?

    i thought Niki wasnt on re-invention because she wanted more money? wasnt that what was said over and over? where on earth did this 9-11 thing come from? I never believe someone when they say its because of a personal belief over something sensitive like that. She wanted more money and got kicked to the curb.

  5. So people love it when Madonna is super-cunty to people ( supposedly, I don't buy this bullshit)?

    Yeah, being super-cunty is a virtue I guess in faggy queen world. Note to queens: When you act like that at clubs or parties noone thinks you are cool and we are all laughing AT you dears.

    Anyway- I seriously doubt Madonna threw a fit when she didn't get belvedere vodka. Sounds like a uberqueen projecting that onto her.

    i was thinking the exact same thing.

  6. speaking of Gwenenthty and her Oscar win...did anyone see that story in Entertainment weekly about a year ago (probably around oscar time) Several oscar voters were asked to vote again for 5 seperated years and see if the votes would be vastly different this time around, and i'm not sure of course how many voters they polled but Cate Blanchett came out WAY ahead of Gwen this time around. i dont even think Gwen finished 2nd. Also Saving pvt ryan would have won best picture insteaad.

    another year they picked was the year Cher was nominated for supporting role and lost to Linda Hunt but would have won this time around for Silkwood.

    it was an interesting read.

  7. I would love it if she had another Confessions-style era where you could sense that the entire project was put together at the same time. At least i felt that way, I could tell when that cd hit, the tour and everything around it was all inspired at the same time. i didnt feel like Hard Candy and the tour that followed had that sense of 'era' to it. Maybe it did and i missed it, but i loved the Confessions project and felt like a lot of work went into everything from the record, to the tour, the look she had, the photos....everything.

  8. Not sure. It's probably just me. I have a way of making everything more complicated than it needs to be.

    aww, dont say that about my friend! :)

    so DW was your first Madonna show? i guess you're young? The Virgin Tour was my first Madonna show so i've seen 'em all. and if she didnt come here (Girlie Show, Confessions, S-S) i went to her.

    i know what you mean about being in the back for DW, i was actually in the last row of my section, all the way at the top. but i did one of those AOL pre-sale thingys and it was not worth it. the girls next to me were so disappointed in the whole show. They had seen the Girlie Show and remembered the opening and kept saying how they hoped this would be sexual and raunchy and i knew it wasnt gonna be. at one point (about 5 hours into waiting for the show to start) one of the girls goes "I hope its not a lot of Ray of Light stuff cause i hate that cd" and i was like "oh lord, you have a long ass night ahead of you sweet thing"

  9. ^ No, I'm not from DC/Maryland, rafter -- but that's the closest to me for Madonna concerts. And yeah -- lol! -- she did stop going to DC after RIT, which is why I saw CT and S&ST in New York.

    For DWT, I did not see the night that she went on really late... I saw the next night -- Rocco's birthday! :) I remember she said something about it before "I Deserve It" -- how he was home asleep, but it was his birthday. I drove down to DC (from Pennsylvania, where I live) in all that rain and thunderstorm. (It *really* WAS the DROWNED WORLD TOUR in DC!!) That was an unpleasant drive, I'll say that. People shouldn't have booed her, though... It wasn't her fault the weather delayed her plane or something. (At least that's what I thought ... She didn't even do her hair that night because of the delay. I only saw a few pics online of that night, but you can tell her hair was pretty wild.)

    For RIT... Hmm. I'm thinking we were probably at the same night. I'd have to go back and look, but I think it was on my birthday, so that would be the right one. That was the last concert I had a proper 'ticket' for, so I can find it and check. (Since then I've done the e-ticket thing you can print out yourself. I imagine most people do that these days just to save on cost. I do kinda miss having the ticket as a souvenir, though.)

    I agree with you about the CT dvd editing on Music Inferno -- it does take away a little bit, because it makes it seem like they're covering up something, when there really is no need to. Even Erotica -- which I love and adore in the Stuart remix and CT choreography -- suffers a little in the slow-mo department. It makes it look like they're artificially enhancing her lifts and spins with Jason -- and they were so breathtaking in real time! There's no need for it to look 'fake.' But otherwise, I can't complain; it's still a gorgeous DVD overall. It's slick and shiny and that's the way it was meant to be.

    Okay -- sorry for the off-topic! Back to RIT Lisbon footage!

    DW (the night she was 10 hours late starting) was a classic evening to say the least. Yeah, her hair was a disaster and the booing was outrageous. People were just tripping over stupid stuff. they made several announcements telling us what had happened, yet people were mad and saying she should have already been in the area, what was she thinking only arriving hours before etc etc. I didnt have anywhere else to be so i didnt mind LOL. And leaving the concert, everyone was calling people on their cells saying how she had to 'cut songs out' since she was so late so she didnt do any hits! ROTFL I was thinking 'these people obviously do not read any fan sites or spoilers or they'd know THAT was the show!"

    I go to her NY shows a lot too and actually prefer them to DC but of course DC is in my backyard so if she were to come here again, of course i'd go to those. If you ever need someone to see her with...i'm here :)

    Why dont you ever get the regular tickets? I've never had to pay extra to have them mailed to me. I just bought tix from ticketmaster the other day and the e=ticket and actual ticket were both free.

  10. I think have that NYC bootleg -- which is cool, because I'm also 99% sure that's the date I saw CT in NYC. I'd have to go back and look, though, as my brain isn't fully functioning for some reason. There are a couple things from that bootleg that I wish had remained in the official release. Can't recall off the top of my head -- just shots where you could see a particular dance move differently and stuff like that.

    Which RIT DC show do you have? That's where I saw RIT... (Also saw DWT there.)

    do you live in DC/Maryland? I do! I went to both RIT shows here in DC. but i have the bootleg of the first show...the sunday show. I believe that was June 13th? it was definately sunday night. and it was the 1st east coast show cause she said something about the west coast having nice crowds but ours was GREAT. of course something i'm sure she says everywhere but it was nice to hear. I dont believe her much cause she stopped coming here after that tour! LOL

    the DW show...did you go to the one where she didnt even start till after 1030? the one where there was the power outage early in the day from thunderstorms that knocked out the arena power. and she didnt even start the soundcheck until after 7pm. I'll never forget once the show began and you know how in Drowned World she is on that moving belt thing and its pulling her toward the front of the stage? She looked over at Donna and Nikki with a look on her face like YIKES! (cause people were booing her)

    i felt the Confessions dvd kinda blew it during Music Inferno cause the bootlegs show how fantastic that part was and the special effects going on during the dvd kinda obscure some of the great dancing going on. plus some of it was the fake re-shoots and not the real thing.

  11. What u reckon 2 b the best CT bootleg? I love bootlegs..

    ok, my fave one is a tie between opening night May 21..that one is just frigging amazing. i think its the one known as the 'barney' video cause of that damn barney icon in the corner the entire time. I like this one cause its so damn ELECTRIC. the crowd just about exploded when the disco ball opened. plus MUSIC INFERNO was incredible on this bootleg.

    I also like NY June 29th cause you can see a lot more than the California verisons. I have bootlegs of several of the new york shows except the 2 i went to :(

    the new york shows are always good bootlegs cause they're a great crowd. My Washington DC Re-invention bootleg is pretty hot. I get mine from a guy in Mexico City.

  12. I know what u mean..The CT is a brilliant video..but It's not what I look 4 either..in fact it kinda bores me 2 watch it now.

    LOL! i think what happened to me was i loved this tour so much (saw it 2 times in NY, the atlantic city show and Philly) and i also bought about 10 gazillion bootlegs that by the time the real dvd came out, i was kinda wore out from the bootlegs. There's always a tradeoff, the bootlegs capture the raw emotions of a show but lack the polish of good sound and visual.

    i wonder what re-invention would have looked like cause the clips during "secret' appear just as crazy with such fast wild cuts and those close ups again (all thru Vogue) would have been nice to see Vogue shot where you could actually see what was going on and not such strong close ups where you miss the screens in the back etc. Plus that one hot ass dancer she wraps her leg around....needed more of him! :)

  13. It's the same with the tv broadcast they have over dubbed her vocals heavily

    so Borderline appears out of sync. I went to 3 S&S shows and the vocals were horrible

    on Borderline. It's so obvious the vocals on the tv broadcast aren't live. Same

    with parts of ITTG, LAP and Shes Not Me.

    i just watched my copy of this show and i dont think she looks out of sync at all. yes, it appears heavily dubbed cause in parts like when she says "i'm going to lose my Miiiiiind" its a completely different sound, then the dubs are back in, but its in sync.

    when i saw her in NYC, i actually enjoyed borderline and i dont even like the song.

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