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  1. so what do you know? whats happening in NY with the obvious reference to madison square garden?

    i wonder if the first list that came out back in october is actually the real one. the one that had her playing the stadium in jersey and no garden dates.

    i'm ok with stadium dates as long as its not one in my city! LOL. but she doesnt seem to come to washington dc anymore so i have to go to her.

  2. there is no stadium news for north america

    the original report I wrote for Tribe means something else (which is quite clear to me), and then became streamlined in the "mainly stadium" news when Rama stole it from Tribe.

    that must be the post i saw on facebook...on the madonna tour 2012 page...it stated north america would be mainly a stadium tour. we'll see tomorrow what happens

  3. i guess the stadium news for north america blows those first lists out of the water...the ones that stated it was just arena's only.

    bummer about it being a stadium tour, but oh well, what can you do

  4. Getting something memorable custom framed is the way to go because then you can keep it forever :) I'm the type that likes to have just a few really nice memorable items over tons of random memorabilia that are just going to end up gathering dust in a closet.

    My other tickets unfortunately got ripped at the gate:


    Those are the ones I kept. I've been to DWT 1x, RIT 3x & CT x2. I didn't go to S&S because it was in a stadium.

    how funny that the 2 shows you have pictured here are almost 2 years to the day

  5. Never had problems getting tickets from Ticketmaster and we got all our tickets for Madison Square Garden. The only thing is you have to be really quick to accept and pay when they give you the seat numbers. But we have heard about Ticketmaster problems from friends and hope that we won't have any problem this time around.

    i've never ever had ticketmaster issues either and like you, i've always got the tix for MSG. I often just take what pops up the first time or two cause after that its harder if you reject the first choices.

  6. Agreed I just hate the idea of having to trek out to the Meadowlands like for DWT. MSG shows were sold out and I was able to get the last two pair of floor seats at the Izod Center (formerly Continental Airlines Arena) Unless she does MetLife Stadium but I would rather do the MSG arena.

    i agree with everything you said. but i think tickets were harder to come by for DWT than they are now. I was able to get tickets to several Confessions shows at MSG but i think its cause she had like 10 shows there for that tour! LOL

    where is the Izod center?

    ive seen Madonna at quite a few places in the east coast area (I'm in washington dc) and i've seen her here in DC, philly, Atlantic City, and New York and NOTHING beat the first MSG show EVER. i swear the place was thumping so hard the roof was about to blow. I've never been in a crowd like that before

  7. There's that nagging question of whether or not MSG@NYC is open while they are renovating the arena for phase 2. They still have to redo the top stands. Something to do with creating better sight lines. I cant seem to find the timeline for phase 2 and 3 of the construction. I agree that this is questionable. She could try to book Yankee Stadium, Citi Field or Met Life Stadium and easily sell out those venues. :)

    god no, please not a stadium in NY...Madonna and MSG are a marriage made in heaven!

  8. I find it strange that there aren't any more Madison Squar Garden dates AND that she's playing in Jersey and NOT Consecutively in NYC...I call that list a fake. Could be a draft,.

    How much do you guys pay for tickets and how do you go about getting the best tickets? I always try, but they sell out the second they go on sale, so I end up going on stubhub and spending $400-$600 on $200-$350 tickets...I never get great seats...I'm wondering for some input from those who have had front row or floor seats or even just great seats in general. :)

    where did you see Jersey dates?

  9. its hard to pick a fave off of True Blue isnt it? I would go with La Isla Bonita as my fave song, and the video...i guess either PDP or True Blue. It is cute and i loved her look then LOL (except those awful flats!)

  10. I think I'm one of the few people on here who doesn't care too much for "Music." I've never really been that big of a fan of that song to be honest, and something about the version performed on this tour just seems kinda boring. I don't know why, I can't put my finger on it... I think that's one song that she should think about not doing on the next tour.

    i agree. but for me i think it was because MUSIC was one of the highlights of CONFESSIONS (if not THE highlight), that after that barn burner...this version just seemed blah.

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