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  1. I've seen her in NYC, Atlantic City and DC. Hands down NYC has the best audiences and of course Madison Square Garden is somewhat legendary. I like how the venue in Atlantic City felt slightly more intimate and it's right on the beach practically but the audience was probably one of the worst. DC's audiences are hit and miss but the venue itself is nothing special, it could be any arena in any city.

    i agree with this entire post. i've been to all those venues as well...and NYC MSG is the best EVER. I thought i had been to some great shows until i saw her there and its spoiled me somewhat. Atlantic city was a smaller venue so every seat was good, but the crowd was rather blah. DC (where i am seeing her this time) can be hit and miss...the DWT audience was ho-hum, but the re-invention crowd was spectacular. and yes, the verizon center is rather ordinary but i enjoy it. just glad she's back here after skipping us for 2 tours

  2. i swear, i always feel like the cheese stands alone or something cause i always like what no one else does and dont get what the mass loves...

    i love the idea of section 3...with Vogue, Candy shop/erotica, human nature etc.

    and whats all the love for love spent...i havent been able to get through that track even 1 time...only 2 songs i skip over each time and thats one of them

  3. You guys both bring up good points... Give it 2 me could've worked as an opener and a much more interesting version of 4 Minutes could've worked as a closer. Or maybe even Like A Prayer (the tour version).

    i agree...although i didnt mind Candy Shop...give it to me would have been a better opener

  4. I think Give It 2 Me would have worked well as an opener. It's one of my favourite songs ever by her but I thought as the closing song it just didn't work. Thinking about it, Beat Goes On would have worked for me too as an opener.

    4 Minutes would have worked well to finish the show in some remixed form given that the song is about running out of time. #

    Is it wrong to say I didn't like Future Lovers as an opener either? I tend to like a show to start with a hit, not an album track. Visually it looked great but I'm not a huge fan of the song.

    As openers go, Dress You Up for VT is still my favourite. That drum beat and then her shadow posing against the screen before it slowly rises gets me every time! Simple but effective.

    i agree with what you said about opening with a hit...it does seem to be a better move...like with VOGUE opening re-invention, i saw that show in New York and i thought the roof was gonna blow off the joint. the place was actually trembling...that said, i LOOOOOOOOOOVED Future Lovers as an opening too, but only cause i loved the song anyway, had i been a casual fan and not a nutcase fan, i would have been like what the hell is this?? but its still my fave opening of hers ever.

  5. i want that celebration bag....it will go nicely with my Johnny Depp bag! LOL

    my local best buy (didnt have a chance to report on release day)...they had quite a few copies of both sets of MDNA...probably more than they had of Hard Candy on release day...but no prominent display...just on the end caps..not even on the new release display where they still have BEYONCE's 4!

    she had 2 shelves on the end cap...more copies of the delux than standard. although the standard looked like some had been purchased or looked through.

    none in the MADONNA section...just both sets of Celebration and quite a few of those.

    i bought both MDNA

  6. by the way..whats a good site to get the TRUE lyrics to the songs? i really want the lyrics to i fucked up but several sites i've been to all have different words here and there.

    like what is she saying after the line about the swimming pool? fill it with WHAT??

    and the line after the stallions...is it something about great danes??

  7. It's amazing how different everyone's tastes are. Those are 3 of my 5 absolute favorites.

    mine too! I absolutely adore i fucked up...i have played it a million times or more...can not get enough of that song. in fact, i listen to the bonus disc more than the other disc. i love beautiful killer, and i fucked up...

    i also love superstar (which i am sure everyone else hates but i dont want to go back and read everyones comments but i never like the tunes everyone else likes) i just found it funny cause the washington post (and i'm in washington) HATED that song and tore it up in their review and i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED it...simply LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED that song.

  8. to me it seems more impressive when you sell out 7 nights at the garden versus one stadium night. i remember when Confessions Tour was at the garden and it seemed she was there an entire month. Loved every moment of that time frame.

    plus i cant stand worrying about the weather. every time i've seen her in a stadium show, it rained and rained and rained...ugh

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