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  1. love these clips of Vogue...hadnt watched any until now...was trying to hold off and be surprised but couldnt do it....one question though...does Vogue end right after the rap at the end...or is there more? she goes up the steps and its seems to end...or does it go on a bit more like the original version?

  2. thanks for the article Holidayguy...let me ask something...who is this laid back luke? the same act as nero? i was reading an older story on madonna.com about the supporting act for north america and it was listed as nero?? i'm just hoping Washington DC has no support act...

  3. Speaking from the perspective of someone who became a fan in the Confessions era, I really don't understand the appeal of the Drowned World Tour costumes. I know they're important in terms of Madonna canon and they are inspired, but they just aren't anything special in my opinion (outside of maybe the Geisha costume).

    i agree...nothing about that tour knocked my socks off...kinda liked the opening segment, after that, couldnt give a toss about any of it. and that pimp ho ending was ridiculous

  4. i voted for Confessions. Loved the boots she wore in i love new york and drowned world etc. Sticky and Sweet, the WORST. those gym clothes, the white sunglasses and the outfit in 4 mins and the bangs...wow...just horrific. I never felt the costumes in any tour were great all the way through. Even BA i loved the opening outfit, but the stuff in cherish was terrible and the outfits for VOGUE seemed uninspired. thank god Vogue costumes improved over time. in the girlie show, loved the clothes in the opening segment, but the trench coat stuff in holiday was gag. it seems her opening numbers always kill

  5. It really is an amazing opener. However, I think there's a little too much going on. That's what's PERFECT about the CT opening, it's so elegant and simplistic, the dancers are doing their thing on the sides of the stage and it's all about her and the disco ball, not to mention the breathtaking backdrop.

    But whatever, MDNA's opening is REALLY out of this world. I love the Kalakan chanting, especially the "MAAA-AAAHHH-DOOOOO-NNNNNAAAA" part. *chills*

    The dancers dressed as demons are super cool. I love the ones with the wings thing.

    Having said that, GGW easily shits all over the Future Lovers performance.

    So, IMO, it's a tie between CT and MDNA.

    1. CT/MDNA

    2. RIT

    3. BAT

    i agree with this post....i thought Confessions was so elegant and sophisticated and the backdrop was so cool and sorta kept you watching and for those who didnt know about the disco ball (and hard to believe in this day and age) but many people dont read message boards and blogs etc and didnt know anything about her opening and the backdrop kept them distracted enough that they didnt notice the ball until it started coming down...The only part i disagree with is i prefer future lovers as a song more than girl gone wild so i pick FL.

    but i like your order...CT/MDNA...RIT...BAT

  6. i love how much we all worry about the hair! i remember saying to a friend one time...i dont really care about the concert as much as i want her hair to look nice! LOLOLOLOL

    i remember being sooooooooooooooooooo relieved when i saw BA and she had the pony tail...so much worry and concern leading up to that show that she wouldnt have the pony tail (this was of course pre-internet etc so you didnt have these leaks...) i had just seen photos and hoped she was going to keep it for the show i was going to.

  7. She's going to emerge from a huge toilet. As GGW starts and the music crescendos, a cascade of water will gush out of a massive toilet and she'll come flying out of it, dressed as a giant turd.


    i dont usually laugh out loud reading these posts...but i literally did reading this one! this is the best

  8. Madonna’s MDNA Tour is already on track to become one of the most successful musical outings of all time. One of the reasons it is so successful is because of very high ticket pricing. At least Madonna is going to have a good message go with it.

    Madonna is going to have a special video segment for the song “Nobody Knows Me” and post pictures of teens that have been bullied for being gay. One of those teens is Brandon Bitner, a Midwest teen who committed suicide two years ago. Sources close to this column tell us that the segment is very touching.

    We have also been told that the most recent leaked set lists aren’t completely true. “I don’t know where people get the idea that we are doing a piano version of “Like a Virgin!” we are told.

    from the examiner?

  9. i love this thread! its not a store...but where i work, they have 'piped' in music for the lobby and reception area...and you can tell its just a tape loop of the same songs in the same order over and over and its obviously the best of the 80's--they play CHERISH all the time...also into the groove, borderline, lucky star, holiday and express yourself. but by far, cherish is the one that seems to play as soon i get to work and throughout the day.

    also, been watching the tennis coverage on tv, and its an event in Rome, and the music playing in the stadium there between matches has been "girl gone wild'...heard that twice today on tv

  10. I guess I didn't pay much attention, but now that you mentioned it, the audience was a bit stuffy. I was sitting right up by the extended stage where she performed LIKE A VIRGIN. She was right above us. It was so awesome. But I do recall some bitch spilling their beer on us. They were bitching about the lack of air once the show started as well not hearing enough of the older hits. LOL!

    i heard all the whining about the air too! i dont get it cause it didnt bother me at all. i actually have a friend that got tix for yankee stadium instead of MSG cause she was afraid the air would be off...i told her i hope it rains!

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