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  1. The crowd in DC both nights was insane. I was grateful to be part of it. Even up in the 400 section where I was the first night, people were dancing like crazy. Madonna commented both nights on how great the crowd was. It actually surprised me because other shows I've been to here (not Madonna) people have been kind of reserved. DC does have the reputation as a conservative uptight place, but not for those two nights. Hopefully, she'll remember and not leave us off any future tours like she did on Confessions and Sticky and Sweet. Perhaps that had something to do with the great response as a lot of DC people hadn't seen her live in awhile since she didn't come here on the last two tours.

    I like how she did a short part of LAV and Love Spent together like in DC. I like this LAV version but I think doing the whole song that way goes on too long and gets boring. It works better to do a part of it and then go into Love Spent.

    where were you in section 400? i was in that section too! how bizarre! i was in the front row up against the railing.

  2. some times i think the low energy level comes from the long ass wait. it didnt bother me as much but you can tell people get antsy, especailly when you've been there a long time. at the washington dc show, i kinda thought people were getting into the DJ,...i was shocked how they were responding to it and thought how awesome it would have been if somehow she could have started her show as close to possible to him finishing and keeping the momentum going, but it was such a crash after he was done (in DC) and then the 45 min wait just kinda killed the energy. it was still a good crowd but could have been more intense (and it was for the re-invention tour where it started around 845)

  3. and how sexy is the lady in the white blazer during Vogue?? she has the white jacket/thigh high black boots and carries the whip...she is so sexy i couldnt take my eyes off her at all. The one who comes up behind Madonna when she says "gives good face"...love her--i dont usually find the women dancers very attractive...the ones in the girlie show were horrible and same for Confessions...usually the guys are more attractive, but this lady takes the cake

  4. it seems that M did a late sound check when the gates were already open, thats what happened

    yes you are right...i certainly wasnt in the VIP section or anything special (section 400) but when they opened the doors to the arena (around 7) we could hear her from out front and ran to our section (which wasnt easy considering we were up in the rafters) but we saw quite a bit of the soundcheck...maybe 35 mins??

  5. My friend told me she had a fan come to the stage between Human Nature/Like A Virgin and WRITE a 4 letter word to describe her on her back. He chose SEXY...she said "You could have wrote it a little larger."

    Like A Virgin was her favorite part! She said Madonna was very chatty and said she was tired, but kept thanking the audience for picking her up.

    when that part happened...about the 4 letter word...the lady behind me yelled "TELL THE TRUTH" and a guy near her said "I would spell L A T E!"


  6. noticed serveral people left early around where i was seated and wasnt sure why since there were signs all over the entire arena and on every single door leading into the building saying the metro was staying open until 1am to accomodate the concert. by then i knew we were in for a late show...couldnt believe the opener didnt start till after 9 but i didnt care once i knew i had a way home. surprised anyone missed a train, how late were they getting to the station? i got to my train at 1245 and they were still open.

    great show though...the vogue segment and the last segment with i'm addicted and like a prayer was off the hook. no one was sitting through like a prayer...that was magic

    the soundcheck was open for anyone to see...i certainly was not VIP sitting up in the 400 section and i watched the entire soundcheck--got there around 645 and saw about 30 plus mins of it. at the end she was saying "please be a good crowd, do not go to the bathroom, do not go get food, do not sit all night long...promise me you'll be a great crowd...please please" it was cute. as she was walking off she was like 'please promise me, or i'm not coming out" somethng like that.

  7. Metro has posted delays. I decided that I'll probably just pay for parking at the venue to save time (and hassle). They better have some tickets still available when I get there because I haven't bought mine yet. :/

    metro posted track related delays, but not closing delays...still listed as closing at 12.

    tickemaster doesnt have tix left for tonight but check stub hub..prices on there are dropping fast...some as low as 10 bucks

  8. i wonder why there was a posting on facebook about the starting times for chicago but nothing for us? maybe cause they dont want to alarm all the people who are gonna be stranded with no train service? metro is awfully quiet too. usually they have notices on the website about concerts etc but nothing today. springsteen was here last week and they had all sorts of notices and there wasnt even any need as he was here on a friday and trains run till 3 am

  9. Went to the Verizon Center site, and saw this posted:

    If they're alerting potential Metro riders..this may imply that there will be later service that night. I'm going to contact the center and see if there are later scheduled trains that evening.

    i dont think this implies later running trains, they are just saying if you are taking the train to the show, certain stops have track work going on...nothing abuot the trains running later than normal

  10. i think you'll be ok...even without an opening act...i think she wont be on before 9...i might head to the metro stop near me (about 10 mins away) sometime on saturday and see if they have any notes posted...they sometimes have signs up the weekend that big shows are taking place...

  11. Yeah, after looking around a bit it looks like there IS indeed an 11pm curfew now. WTF! That's ridiculous, hopefully she'll defy it and just play through and pay a fine. I just can't see her coming on by 9pm

    but wouldnt it be fantastic if we didnt have to suffer through an opening act? did you go to her re-invention shows in DC? i went to both and she started around 845 both nights...and same for 2nd DWT show...you are right, the first night was something else with all the power outages and storms etc...but the 2nd night she came out araound 830--i also remember seeing some list back in June with the supporting acts listed and DC was one of the few that did not have one? did you see that too?

  12. I was planning on the Metro. There's a stop right down the street from where I'm staying...

    But the system shuts down at midnight on Sundays. I assume she'll start at 10 or so. Driving in then, unless I hear otherwise.

    i cant wait till 20,000 people leave the arena and think they are catching a metro home and everyone is stuck. not everyone reads online madonna sites and know how late she is...i can imagine the uproar. I know the metro has a deal with the local sports teams and they stay open if basketball/hockey games run late...but dont think they have a deal for concerts... someone mentioned the J Lo concert...a friend of mine went to that and said Enrique even mentioned it at one point, saying he had to rush and squeeze everything in cause they were told to finish by 11. now that i think about it, that was a saturday show so not sure why the curfew...the metro is open super late on saturday nights. would be nice if she came out a bit earlier...like 930 instead of 1030

  13. I've seen quite a few shows at Verizon Center and I wouldn't think they have an 11pm curfew unless something has changed. I remember back in 2001 when she came for DWT, she was EXTREMELY late hitting the stage because of bad weather and I'm thinking she played until almost midnight.

    but that was a saturday show, i think the curfew is sunday thru thursday...friday and saturday the metro runs till 3

  14. I agree. I thought the MDNA opening was over the top and didn't really work as well as I thought it was going to. Even in person. I would rank her openings like this:



    Blond Ambition


    Who's That Girl

    The Girlie Show

    Sticky & Sweet

    Drowned World

    Virgin (don't even know what this one was)

    i agree with your list...(I havent seen MDNA yet...i am going Sunday) but i would have the same list as you except i would switch Whos that girl with girlie show. LOL @ your virgin tour comment :)

  15. Just arrived back to my hotel in Manhattan. The show was amazing !!!

    I saw it 4 months ago in Abu Dhabi. At the time I was seriously blown away since everything was new to me, however the extreme heat made it hard for us and Madonna to truly enjoy the experience to the fullest.

    This time i knew what to expect, i had my seat, my ice cream, and a great weather. I braced myself to the MDNA experience, and what an experience it was.

    Madonna looked gorgeous, she seemed way more energetic in comparison to the Abu Dhabi show, and the vibe was very very positive.

    I had middle aged couples around me on both sides and they all seemed to be amazed by the show. Of course the crowd was mostly excited by the classics. Vogue and Like a Prayer brought everyone up on their feat. People were dancing and singing. Madonna was very interactive and relaxed. I repeat she looked stunning and glowing.

    After the show was over I could see people all over smiling and saying how amazing she was.

    The only snooze fests were Like a Virgin ( truly horrible version, hated it last time, hated it this time) and maybe Turn Up the Radio.

    Apart from that, MDNA was a great great great show. Can't wait for the DVD.

    This is my last day in America. I have been here on vacation for the past 3 weeks, I did Los Angeles, San Diego, Vegas and New York. Tomorrow I am back home to Dubai.

    What a great way it was to wrap up this amazing trip. Madonna Forever !!

    which like a virgin didnt you like last time? the confessions version? i loved that one...but hated the girlie show version...is that the one you meant?

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