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  1. Too bad Lil Kim is out of jail now, cause if Madonna went to the same jail, those 2 could be having loads o' fun!

    This news was ALL over the radio today. They played tons of Madonna songs today too. I heard DOnt tell me, Papa dont preach, La Isla Bonita and True Blue. And before each song they repeated this news from Germany

  2. Nice bounce for ROL! Is anyone else suprised that Dont Tell Me is getting so many spins still? I think its safe to call this song a Madonna classic at this point. Funny since many people including myself thought it was going to flop.

    Ray of Light seems to have gotten hot at those HOTAC type stations. We have a couple here in Baltimore/DC and they are playing it almost every day, and out of no where too. I listen to this station every day at work (kinda tired of it really but nothing else comes in) and they NEVER played this song until about 2 or 3 months back and now its an every day thing.

    Also heard Dont tell me today and Lucky Star and Like a prayer. Madonna gets at least 5 spins a day on this station. and thats just the ones i hear, i dont listen to it all day of course

  3. Hey Hector!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in this picture that you took...can you spot me?

    Do you have more pictures of this angle?

    It was nice seeing you ...

    are you the one with the saddle on your back??? :vogue:

  4. what amazing pics! i was at the shows the 2nd and 3rd and will post my thoughts later.

    just wanted to ask a quick question to anyone who'll answer, the SORRY remix video interlude....is that version available on the SORRY cd single? is it available at all? I fucking LOVED that!

    what a great concert and thanks for all these photos!

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