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  1. i feel like the cheese stands alone once again, but i totally wouldnt mind the show starting with EY and missing that horrid opening segment. I loved GGW, but the rest of the segment was just not working for me. I like the idea of opening with EY and going from there...although it isnt the grand enterance that GGW is...but i wasnt digging Revolver or Gang Bang and the most awful Hung Up ever

  2. i think she should just keep going with the lateness and for the first mexican city show, she should come out just after midnight and then the 2nd show come on early like 9pm and then it can be some sort of record like 2 concerts in one day!

  3. is it just my computer screen or was that the most annoying view for the concert? with the constant light flashing, i thought something happened and she hadnt appeared on stage yet, you cant see any of them at all.

    i guess i should be happy i had a sky high/side view cause at least i saw something lol

  4. there were people listed in the 'roll call' thread for tonight. but i wondered where this thread was too! Saw an article on line about the show tonight and it was harping about the start time for the majority of the story, and also stated she was starting at 10pm tonight

  5. As has been said before, on Internet message forums, the people who are negative tend to post more and the positive people don't. I think you are reading too much into that and into one show that you saw where the crowd wasn't so great. At the shows I attended in DC everyone loved it and there weren't that many complaints. All the things except for the lateness that people complain about have been part of her previous shows in recent years. Madonna has always expressed her political views, not done just hits and has dark themes, not just happy happy sing all the hits like the record. I don't think you necessarily have to be educated to enjoy her shows, but you do have to have an open mind to different things just like with modern art. If you are expecting just the conventional uncontroversial greatest hits show like other artists do, then I guess you won't like it. You just have to accept that she's not that kind of artist and doesn't want to be that way. If you approach the show with an open mind and not try to fit her into a preconceived notion of what a concert is, I think you can enjoy it even if you don't know all the songs from MDNA.

    i like this post but try not to say things like 'everyone loved it' because you didnt ask everyone in the 15,000 seat arena...there were LOTS of complaints going on all night and on the trains home...not everyone loved it. I myself did, but not everyone loves everything.

  6. The merch quality sucks though

    i agree...i usually like the pics used for the shirts, but the shirts themselves are iffy. they feel flimsy and dont fit right...the last nice quality shirts were confessions...they all fit great...sticky and sweet were strange

  7. Most people would understand 30 minutes delay, maybe 45 minutes. But 90 minutes? Practically every show? Come on now. That's just blatant "I don't give a fuck." For the 90 minutes delay, she could practically show a movie (with free popcorn of course). Plenty of artists have the professionalism to charge top dollars and start spectacular shows within reasonable amount of time.

    sshhhhh...dont say that too loud and give her ideas...she might us sit thru one of her movies before she comes out!

  8. Denver was just a bunch of cunts....there was a tremendous booing when she revealed her OBAMA tattoo....she even stated "Am I being booed right now?"....she sorta said it with a smirk....she knows what she is doing. Still, I personally feel they could capture the momentum created by the opening act a bit better....opening acts are designed to prepare the crowd for the headliner, but when you warm them up and then let them sit for another 1.5 hours, it does sort of lose it's flow....

    LOVE this post! i said the same thing shortly after i saw her in DC and everyone jumped in my shit saying Madonna doesnt need an opener to pump people up. that wasnt what i was implying, i was just saying that in DC, the DJ actually got a great reaction and good response, the people were tripping and had they not turned the lights up, and say for conversation sake, sorta waited only 10 mins or so...the place would have been out of this world! but to stop the momentum and then sit there for another 90 mins really killed any buzz. Yes, the place screamed and all, but there were plenty of boo's and i've seen better crowd reaction at her other shows here.

  9. very thoughtful subject and i had thought the same things. I am a diehard fan from day 1...been to every tour ...even virgin tour (yes i am THAT old LOL)...i also think the annoying late starts are beginning to bug me as well...i mean in the end, i can live with it, its better than not seeing her at all, but i dont see any reason for it and the pattern seems to be getting later and later...the next tour might start actually the day after?? 1215 in the morning?? Someone mentioned DC and the trains, yes, they did run late for us, but it was a struggle to get to a compromise, they didnt even announce the late trains until 730 when most people already made other arrangements. my friends ended up driving and paying 30 dollars to park when they could have taken the trains for free had the metro blinked first and made a decision hours earlier. i can remember as far back as Blonde Ambition and that show started very early....Re-invention here in DC began around 840 and Confessions in NY at MSG started around same time, definately before 9pm. Sticky and Sweet well after 10 and now 1030...i think people get so excited that they want it to start already and then get grumpy. people all around me at the DC show were in a foul mood...i get that and i dont at the same time. i feel like 'shit, you paid 300 bucks for this, shut up and chill...you dont have nothing better to do or you wouldnt have planned to see this show tonight" on the other hand, it would make for a more frenzied atmosphere if it started way earlier when everyone is pumped. i know a lot of people will say 'oh it was crazy where i was" but thats because you were in the pit area or on the floor close to her--and forgive easier LOL. I do think she's turning people off and its sad because i think MDNA is a fantastic cd and the tour is very good.

  10. Best Friend is my fave, even the visuals. It's not Paradise from DWT, Get Stupid, Future Lovers backdrop or Bedtime Stories from RIT, but it's entertaining and pleasant enough.

    Very disappointed in JML and NKM (though she looked great in them, esp NKM)

    i agree (about being disappointed in JML and NKM) also thought she looked great in them, just didnt like the verisons used. i loved the Sorry remix in Confessions

  11. and dont get me wrong, i didnt say DC sucked...i was just saying how amazing it would have been if she started right after the DJ was done and had rode that momentum...it wasnt a put down at all, i just felt from my point of view, it sorta zapped things for a bit. I still think the crowd for re-invention was better, but it was a good crowd for this tour too

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