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  1. I thought it was 2xP in the Czech Repüblik, as per Warnermusic.cz page! :rosey:

    It was until yesterday. As a webmaster of www.madonna.cz I'm in contact with Warner bros. Czech republic and they told me today morning. They will update the page soon. I wouln't lie you Caresse :D

    IFPI treats CT as a music video (both formats) and a platinum goes for every 2.000 they told me. It would be good if it sells even more, but it's enough for number one in both charts. Strange enough the separate DVD is selling better a bit than the CD+DVD. I hope Madonna sees this and will come next year agan :D

  2. Well it has sold only 6000 units, but the Czech republic is a small country. I'm very happy with its success, because Confessions On A Dance Floor peaked only at number 2.

    It has definitely outsell American Life with only 5000 copies. I don't know about Confessions On A Dance Floor. But one thing is for sure - people fell in love with Madonna during her visit in Prague - both shows were sold out in minutes and people probably want to enjoy the ######ht again.

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