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  1. 1 minute ago, VogueErotic said:

    Like an insider on any other forum would make a difference. 


    Since the hacker has been arrested, there is no such a thing as an insider. He's been the source of all the inside news for Hanged, Rama or Tribe. We have to wait, but it will not take that long. Moreover, it's very likely anyway the single has been chosen, if the record's going to be released this fall.

  2. Just now, Paul said:

    Sometimes I wonder if madonna actually has anything to do with single covers, since forever. They’ve nearly always just been some leftover photo from somewhere, or worse (hello nothing fails). 

    I was wondering the same. These Nothing Fails and Love Profusion cover were terrible. Why she just didn't use one of those beautiful X-Static Process images? Same with Ghosttown / BIM ...

  3. Just now, Cerise said:

    "The second edition of the Ritual Union Festival features some of the best and hottest new talent around, including Ghostpoet, Cassels, Jane Weaver and many more, offering local music fans the chance to congregate and enjoy a stellar line-up of live music."

    I hope they didn't put M there by a mistake or something.

    Thank you. But this is probably the case.

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