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  1. It's all about streaming. Constantly stream Ghostown on spotify and the remixes on the Madonna you tube page. It's the only way and of course keep requesting it at radio. Personally I'm sick of trying to make her singles happen. People are being ageist and ignorant. Let it do what it do. After this week I'm done and I'm just enjoying my new Madonna product. Who gives a fuck what the masses think, I know my new Madonna cd is amazing.

  2. FUCK YEAH! BITCH I'M MADONNA! I think she should add a current guest star(s) (Miley, Katy, Rhianna or all of them wuld be the ultimate) to sing a verse and to compliment her and Nikki so she will get some airplay (it's the only way). She did her own thing with two very Madonna singles Living For Love classic pop and Ghostown classsic ballad. Now let's go hard or go home with a summer anthem and a hot and sexy bann worthy video. Lot's of sex and skin! Over the top!

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