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  1. 1. Lucky Star

    2. Like A Virgin

    3. Dress You Up

    4. Into The Groove

    5. Crazy For You

    6. Papa Don't Preach

    7. Where's The Pary

    8. Causing A Commotion

    9. Like A Prayer

    10. Express Yourself

    11. Vogue

    12. Resuce Me

    13. Justify My Love

    14. Erotica

    15. Secret

    16. Take A Bow

    17. Ray Of Light

    18. Music

    19. Give It To Me

    20. Hung Up

    21. Girl Gone Wild

    22. Living For Love

    23. Physical Attraction

    24. Sooner Or Later

    25. SIdewalk Talk

  2. For me this feels like a re-boot of Rebel Heart! It has the energy of a first single. I'm glad Madonna came out properly by herself with a classic pop gem (LFL) and an expensive balad (GT) and now its time to get airplay with a single featuring todays top artists. I love the new look for the single cover and the fact that we are getting mixes and possibly two new videos. I am so excited. BIM will cause a lot of excitement for Madonna fans and the casual listener. The Nikki Minaj remixes are so good!

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