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  1. I had a ball but it took me days to get over my Madonna hangover. Her hair was so SUSAN during the "Prada outfit" section I almost died! It was so much fun and I'm glad I saw the show in NY! I missed Amy because my driver got me there late -Oh well can't have everything. My highlights were BIM, D&D, LFL, LIB, DYU, ITG, TB, LDLHA, BU and LS and the opening video! It was all good! I loved her curtain (i bought that version of the shirt and it's amazing). I also got the tour book. I got a little too buzzed and UB and Holiday are a little hazy lol! I want to see it again (can't wait for a live broadcast or a dvd). This was her best concert iN DECADES!

  2. I can't believe I'm going to the first NYC show! It will be my 9th show starting with TVT! I missed WTG, DW and MDNA but doubled up on BA and Confessions! With all of the clips I have watched I love the tone of the show. Her hair, clothes and costumes (and yes I LOVE that she is at times wearing what seems to be normal clothes/outfits!) AND the set list is amazing. Yes I also wanted to hear TAB, BG, RM, WTP and PA but I love what she's giving!

    I want to be her Unapologetic Bitch on September 16th! See you all in the pit!

    I love all of my fellow Madonna friends!

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