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  1. I just read that Dark Ballet have 2 parts because The Nutcracker have also 2 parts: one that is labeled as Traditional, and the other one labeled as "Magical" or "Fantasy". When The Nutcracker came out it was criticized for having two differents and disruptives "worlds".

    Madonna is a genius.

  2. From Madonna.com:

    Madonna today released “Dark Ballet,” the fifth and final song to be previewed before her highly-anticipated new studio album Madame X debuts globally on June 14. Produced by Mirwais Ahmadzai, the accompanying music video to the sonically innovative track was directed by Emmanuel Adjei and stars Mykki Blanco. Listen to “Dark Ballet” and watchthe video now!

    “Dark Ballet” was inspired by the story of Joan of Arc. “She fought the English and she won, still the French were not happy,” Madonna says. “Still they judged her. They said she was a man, they said she was a lesbian, they said she was a witch, and, in the end, they burned her at the stake, and she feared nothing. I admire that.”

    The powerful and moving video, directed by Emmanuel Adjei, stars the innovative hip-hop queer pioneer, Mykki Blanco as Joan of Arc and tells the story of the kind of dance we’re all dancing in the world right now, this dark ballet. The video closes with an important message of inspiration from Mykki, “I have walked this earth, Black, Queer and HIV positive, but no transgression against me has been as powerful as the hope I hold within.”


  3. 15 minutes ago, Amelia said:

    Here's an interesting conversation to have... I've noticed that some fans on social media are upset that Madonna isn't in the video but for a few seconds. I have a feeling I know some fans here will echo that same feeling, but I like to counteract that by saying that this is a BOLD move by Madonna to not include herself in the video..  Pretty much in every music video of hers, she plays the center character in the video.  It's interesting that she's taking a step back and letting her vision be acted out by someone else, changing the narrative a bit, and allowing it be told through the eyes of a HIV gay black man.  I suspect a lot of the general public that sees this video will totally miss her vision, but I hope fans will appreciate and respect why she decided to take a back seat in this video by not appearing in it as much.  I think her vision, lyrics and own words speaks volumes... at least for me, that is.  

    I agree 100% with you.

  4. 1 hour ago, Shane said:

    Is anyone else excited about the inclusion of piano on Madame X?  So far we have read that Dark Ballet and Extreme Occident will include piano.  My favorite instrument .

    I'm excited for piano, but I'm more excited for violins!! Madonna is violins and that instrument is iconic in many of her songs (PDP, Beautiful Killer, Easy Ride, Frozen, Take a Bow, Die Another Day)

  5. 59 minutes ago, frzndrwnwrld said:

    I've noticed a trend of gays attacking gay icons as if they don't have cred or something. I don't get it. It's just unnecessary drama.

    Assholes. They'll be the first one who will cry and overpost on social media when those icons died.

    Not here for haters. The real tributes are made with the artists in life, when they are breathing and creating music.

  6. Graham Norton lines up huge interview with Madonna in another star-studded episode

    Hot on the heels of performing for 200 million people during the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest last month, pop legend Madonna is set to join the line-up of an upcoming star-studded episode of The Graham Norton Show.

    The BAFTA award-winning show had already promised galactic levels of stardom with its guests for the June 14 show, with cult director Danny Boyle and Lord of the Ringsstar Sir Ian McKellen dropping by for a chat.


    And now Madonna has also been confirmed to feature on the episode, where she'll be discussing her new album Madame X as well as with her upcoming shows at the London Palladium.

    Rounding out the guests for the night are actors Lily James and Himesh Patel, who'll be talking about their new film Yesterday, while singer Sheryl Crow will perform her new single 'Still the Good Old Days'.

    Let's just hope it gets a better reception than Madonna's Eurovision performance...

    While both Graham and Madonna were over in Tel Aviv for the Song Contest, The Graham Norton Show continued in the UK looking a little different as Jack Whitehall stepped in as host for a night,

    His hosting proved a hit with audiences, but Graham was soon back in the presenter's chair the next week, where he's been leaking details about Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner's upcoming wedding bash with Joe Jonas and getting to the bottom of David Tennant's sexting discoveries ever since.

    The Graham Norton Show continues on Friday (June 7) at 10.35pm on BBC One, with guests Andrew Scott and Paloma Faith.


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