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  1. Madonna gave an interview to Jenesaispop, a huge Spanish blog about music, movies and artists.

    During the interview she pretty much confirms that there's a visual about Madame X coming out soon:


    The artist sighs relieved - or does "as if", causing some complicity - when I indicate that the album sounds cohesive. Was it because of the sequence, the type of beats, instruments? "They are also the themes of the songs. I tried to have a connection in everything. That's why you have to see the piece that Nuno has made and that shows that each song is connected to the next in one way or another. Sometimes it's an instrument, a letter, a beat, a story, the language ... but every song has a thread that connects it in some way with the next, "he says, while teaching me to properly pronounce the word" cohesive ". Madame X is a teacher.


    You can read the whole thing here: https://jenesaispop.com/2019/06/13/365239/madonna-me-preocupa-el-exito-pero-no-queria-hacer-un-disco-de-canciones-pop-formulaicas/

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