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  1. I wish they would drop Masterpiece from the final track listing whether the standard edition or the deluxe version.


    I predict it's gonna sound sooooo out of place, unless they make it more trancy!

  2. I like it!! lacking some oooommph though and the bass/beat is kinda weak. A nice mix of Sorry & Get Together!

    LMAO @ people expecting it to be a groundbreaking record!!!As someone said earlier, she's Madonna, not Bjork!!! The only groundbreaking record she made were Ray of Light & Music and NONE of her music had set any big trend for the music industry. She's Madonna - the Queen of POP. It's all about pop at its finest, and I think GMAYL/GGW have achieved that.

  3. Is this true? Because I remember Madonna wanting "Give it 2 Me" as the first single, but not "Candy Shop". "Give it 2 Me" would not have been a bad choice. I love that song.

    No. She wanted "Candy Shop". There was a listening party in which she asked which song should be the first single (Candy Shop vs 4 Minutes)and most voted 4 minutes and she seemed quite upset about it. That's what I remember. But WTF@her wanting Candy Shop!?coz her sugar is rrrrrraaaawwwww?

  4. I think the frustration for many is that this is the 1st time we've seen such big promo for a song, and if the song was actually a great song it would be #1 in the US.


    Stop with the "if it were better it would hit #1" hypothesis please. 90% of the current hit singles are pop trash.

  5. MDNA will be better than HC ( quality). Timbaland and Pharell Willians? please. Willian orbit is miles away better than both of them. Martin soilveig is better than Timabaland, IMO. By the way, i cant see a conection with Masterpiece and GMAYL in the same album. I want coherence.

    I Agree. The idea of having three ballads in a dance album is just......:X

  6. I don't think they are here for hit singles this era. It's quite obvious that GMAYL just serves as an event single, one that throws M back to the spotlight. All the press release/song/video were released on the same day. There wouldn't be any legs to sustain the longevity of the performance of this song, regardless of its quality. Yes, if the first single were stronger, it would probably perform a little bit better, but I don't think a song's quality really determines the fate of the single. Let's not act like every current hit single is a GOOD song.

    Just give as a kickass album and tour. She has nothing else to prove on the charts.

  7. Why is it so important to be groundbreaking? If I were a 53yo pop icon with kids and all the $$$, being groundbreaking would be the LAST thing that I'd want to do. What's the POINT of looking for underground producers? just for the sake of doing it? I'm sorry but M's not Gaga, who always tries sooooo hard to be different. Why don't just make a fun dance record that can support the new tour? If you want Introspedonna, just put on Ray of Light and enjoy it!

  8. I feel like GMAYL isn't supposed to be taken seriously - it's nothing more than a fun and cheeky song that tells the world that Madonna is back. I can imagine fans still listening to this cute little record in 2020 while 4 Minutes will be remembered as a Justin/Timbaland song featuring M-DULLa. I'm not here for that reductive Timbaland production with those cringe-worthy lyrics.

  9. Am I the only one who's worried about the coherence of the album? I just can't picture Masterpiece being on the same album with GGW/GMAYL/TTTR. I'm not feeling the "light and dark" concept at all. I fear that the Orbit tracks and the Solveig tracks would be too distinct from each other. I want a feeling of unity for this era, which seems to be lacking so far, visually and musically.

  10. why are you all so positive.......let's be realistic and not try getting carried away.

    we all bash britney, michael jackson and janet for lipsynching and now when our lady, our great star, the one we love the most does it we think it's great and the best. it would ve been the best if she sang live. there was no interaction what so ever.

    she knows the entire world is watching and she gave all the critics reason to bash her. it might even hurt her concert ticket sales. the normal bloke might think her concert is also playbacked entirely.

    she can do it live: remember live8 and live earth?? this was make or break.

    im anxious for the reviews tomorrow.....

    don't bash me please for giving my honest opinion.

    i love m and am just afraid she might get harsh critics.

    You need to STFU ASAP.

    Most Superbowl performers are asked to lip-synch because they usually don't have soundcheck back-up at the stadium. LOOK.IT.UP.

    Sit yo negative ass down and go get GAYL on iTunes NOW.

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