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  1. The Wild Tour


    Part I:

    Girls Gone Wild

    Get Together/Bedtime Story Medley

    Sky Fits Heaven

    Deeper and Deeper(Hung Up ABBA Sample Remix)

    Burning Up

    Part II:

    Express Yourself


    I'm Addicted

    Gang Bang

    Part III:

    I Don't Give A


    Love Profusion

    Part IV:

    Love Spent

    Miles Away

    Take A Bow

    Till Death DO Us Part

    Part V Finale:

    Into The Groove


    Turn Up The Radio

    Like A Prayer

  2. I don't get why people think that an early leak would hurt album sales!!! It would actually HELP hyping up the album if it turns out to be a good record.

    People who buy the album are those who'll buy it regardless of when the album leaks; people who don't want to buy the album will NOT buy the album anyway, as they can still illegally download the album once it is released!

  3. zzZZZZZZZ....

    " I’m not sure I was in the same room as everyone else at the Madonna MDNA listeners party (at Abbey Road Studios, *wees with excitement*). All the cliched talk in the papers and blogs about an hour following the playback was of a “Return to form” blah-blah-blah…"

    This is like the MOST unprofessional review I've ever read. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

  4. 1.) It's LQ

    2.) Sounds less cheesy/commercial than GGW

    3.) Production is quite messy

    4.) The "MDNA MDNA MDNA" is cringe-worthy

    I don't know, it sounds OKAY. Since it's not listed as a highlight of the album, I'm fine with this decent album track.

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