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  1. Errrrrr, no.

    "Hung Up" was morphed beyond recognition.

    "Papa Don't Preach" was barely 2 minutes.

    "Erotica" was mashed up with "Candy Shop".

    "Like a Virgin" was as different as could be from the original version.

    And so on and so forth.

    Let's not go through this again. MDNA is my 2nd favourite tour of all time, but it was not heavy on the classics. "Vogue", "Like a Prayer" and "Express Yourself" were the only ones that fitted that bill.

    If you want Madonna classics in their original arrangements, then why don't you just sit your ass at home watching the Celebration DVD?

    Do some people here actually want a tour full of original versions of classic hits? like WTF?

  2. A double album would be a great idea since the problem with MDNA was its "light and darkness" schizophrenic theme. The crazy songs weren't ironic enough and the introspective songs weren't really that touching either. She was caught in the middle with MDNA hence resulting in a mediocre final product. This time around I just want her to serve 10 bat shit crazy diplo pussy jams and vulgar non-sense with Unapologetic Bitch and then dive into the introspective #artforfreedom world with 10 mid-tempo/ballads for Rebel Heart.

  3. I stand by my thread title. When people say "promotion like Confessions" it's always in reference to the European promotion. That's the point I was trying to make. Feeling alienated because I don't consider that era promoted being from the US.

    Someone listed out the promotion in the US but it was YOU who think that only live performances are counted as promotion? :huh:

    So now Confessions was not promoted based on what YOU think ? :huh:

    There was only ONE televised live performance on an MTV Special in the US for the AL album yet you think that the era was promoted there? :huh:

  4. If the rumors are indeed true, then I'm worried it's gonna be MDNA all over again.

    - no overarching direction

    - straight up dance pop music

    - schizophrenic lyrics

    - heartbroken ballads + crazy uptempos + juvenile bops

    I expected her to expend her Art For Freedom project on the upcoming album and get super political, but let me just stop right here and hope for the best.

  5. 1. Frozen

    2. Ray Of Light

    3. Sky Fits Heaven

    4. Nothing Really Matters

    5. Power Of Goodbye

    6. Skin

    7. Drowned World

    3-year Anniversary Re-release:

    1. Arioso

    2. Pagan Poetry

    3. Aurora

    15-year Anniversary Re-re-release:

    1. Let It Go

    2. Bitch, I'm Febreezing

    3. #unapologeticfrosty

    could've easily outsold Thriller

  6. Ray of Light - Nirvana / Samsara / Sky Fits Heaven / Enlightenment

    American Life - Love Profusion / Tree of Life / Rebel Heart / New America / Future World

    Confessions - City Lights / Get Together / Future Lovers / Dance Revolution / Let's Drink The Wine

    Hard Candy - Black Madonna / Candy Shop / Sticky and Sweet / Incredible

    MDNA - Girl Gone Wild / Day and Night / Light and Dark / Reincarnation

    Ok I only renamed a few of the albums and I also included previously posted options just because I like them :)

    I can't tell if you were being sarcastic or not.....

  7. Rihanna's biggest hits are all featuring some other artists.. if not Eminem it's Drake if it's not Drake it's someone like Jay Z and if it's no hip hop artist is some popular DJ like Calvin Harris.

    Diamonds didn't have no one else but it wasn't as big as We Found Love or even What's My Name?

    Her latest chart success was Stay which guess what? Was another track featuring another artist.. Anyone remember her Guetta produced Right Now? Exactly.... Anybody should know she's never been consistent with her singles...

    you know what......

    American Life (almost) featured Eminem

    Me Against Music was a Britney collab

    Hung Up sampled ABBA

    4 Minutes was a JT collab

    GMAYL featured Nicki and MIA


  8. I haven't been nasty to anybody. I'm just having a bit of fun teasing. Madonna also said 'I'm tough, I'm ambitious, and I know exactly what I want . If that makes me a bitch, okay.'

    LOL what. Your grumpy and obnoxious attitude definitely bothers members here. I don't come here that often but I do realise that you tend to get nasty in a lot of discussions. Maybe you intended to be funny but the execution always ends up pretty bad.

  9. OK some of you NEED to revisit the billboard article.

    1. The title says :

    Guess Who's Behind This Disco-Fueled Track


    They can't just have people GUESS someone who's not a household name.

    2. "this blistering tune by a shape-shifting dance legend..."

    The leading artist can't just be a DJ. Yes, it can be produced by Sander, Avicii, or whoever the DJ is. But a dance legend gotta be part of this. I can totally see Madonna snatching the production and then add a vocal layer to the beat. Her most recent megahits Music and Hung Up heavily heavily relied on existing instrumentals (The Mirwais demo/ Gimme sample). Maybe she wants to re-use this formula if her aim is a global smash first single.

    3. " takes a few cues from the Daft Punk playlist and is a flawless fit for the times."

    Yeah sure Nile took some cues from Daft Punk!!

    4. "we've been sworn to secrecy on the exact artist’s identity, after a fair amount of begging, we were given exclusive permission"

    Sounds like a major label with an organized team is behind this, not?

    On top of that, a reliable source (ACTUALLY reliable, not DrownedM kinda reliable) from Pulse Music Board said something like " Tuesday's gonna be a good day!" on Madonna's thread. Isn't that a good hint?

  10. A few observations...

    1. Nile Rodgers has said last year he wants Chic to have another #1 hit and will release new Chic material in 2014.

    2. Nile Rodgers last year worked with Daft Punk, and is looking to Daft Punk to return the favour [the clip sounds Daft Punk-esque

    3. Chic as a band are the very definition of 'Shape-shifting', whether it be the dance moves, or literally [they've had something like 40 different members over the decades, hence constantly changing shape, or Nile himself being artist, collaborator, contributor, group member of many acts over the years.

    4. The word 'vogue' was mentioned in the Billboard thing ... 'vogue' is a French word for style. 'chic' is also a French word for style.

    5. The use of the term 'flawless fit' has had to be wedged into the sentence - not the best description, so has been placed there with a purpose... 'chic' is a term that could be used to describe something that is considered a 'flawless fit'.

    6. Nile Rodgers has just finished filming a video

    7. Dance legend could describe Madonna, though is perhaps too narrow a distinction for someone who is across many genres a legend.

    8. 'Disco is back' is the premise of the write up; Chic are disco.

    9. 'We R Superstars' has the essence of Chic positivity through it ['Good Times'; 'Everybody Dance', 'You Are Beautiful'] and being plural works on both levels - the act describing themselves and / or us all.

    If it's not Chic / Nile Rodgers I'll chuck a fiver on outside chance of George Michael.

    1. Madonna is a dance legend

    2. Madonna is shape-shifting

    3. Madonna sang "Vogue".

    4. Madonna has been busy working on her new music

    5. Madonna is making dance music this time around

    6. Madonna has been randomly posting superstar pics on instagram

    7. Madonna just said "FUNK" on instagram

    8. Madonna loves testing her music using instrumentals

    9. Madonna loves being secretive and teases her fans.

    10. Madonna is a major pop act (not Nile/Chic) whose team would ask BILLBOARD to hype up their music

    Last but not least, MADONNA IS A SUPERSTAR, which fits perfectly to the song title.

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