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  1. 2 hours ago, DitaDolla said:

    She is very lazy with her music videos nowadays.. 

    GMAYL 1/10 Hate everything about this career destroyer. 

    GGW 8/10 She looks hot, plus good choreography. 

    TUTR 1/10 Lazy like I said 

    LFL 6/10 nothing happened there

    GT 7/10 great potential 

    BIM 5/10 A MESS. She looked great tho. 

    What the.....

    GMAYL is one of her best post-2000 videos.

  2. I feel like the stars are aligned for the next album as far as commercial success goes. The Latin market is blowing up like crazy and she has a massive SA fanbase which will give her tons of streams if she puts out the right music especially with the Maluma collab. An exotic Portuguese inspired album feels very organic because of her moving to Portugal but it also fits perfectly with the music market. It won’t feel as blatantly trendy as Hard Candy or MDNA, if that makes sense. I’m also sure Mirwais will also give the album an edgy touch so the music won’t feel too commercial.

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