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  1. 4 minutes ago, vertigokane said:

    I know it won’t happen, but it would be brilliant for her to have a #1 single on the Hot 100. That would give her #1s in 4 decades, which I think no other artist has ever done, and it would also knock Cher off the top as being the oldest female with a #1 song. 

    ....this is not realistic....

  2. She was making "black" music when she debuted.

    She smashed with La Isla Bonita and Who's That Girl.

    She went urban again with Erotica/Bedtime Stories. 

    She borrowed from many different cultures for ROL. 


    And now you're suddenly annoyed because one of her songwriters posted a trap beat that most likely had NOTHING to do with M's album?




  3. 1 hour ago, Rugbyguy said:

    I’m really interested to hear her promo interviews this time around. We literally know nothing except there’s going to be a Portuguese influence, Mirwais is back on board and there was an early collab with Starrah and Billboard. Did she scrap the early tracks and change directions? Did the record company interfere again? Did she always intend to include Portuguese influences? Was Mirwais brought onboard to save a sinking ship? So much mystery and so much speculation. This is the longest it’s ever taken her to record an album so i can’t wait to find out why exactly.

    Uhmmm no. Starrah & Billboard were on board with her in London towards the end of the recording sessions. 

  4. 8 hours ago, Nikki said:

    aside from the Israeli thing, the million price tag to have her is also being thrown around in a shady way. im already noticing some critical comments on the radio "we hear a rich canadian-israeli wants to pay for the phenomenal (not artist, not singer?) madonna.. but she better not participate.. cuz if she doesn't win.. that would be so embarrassing.." and comments alluding to being a sellout.. on the other hand.. if the performance is absolutely amazing it could finally turn the tide and it would be a nice chance to get people to take her seriously as an artist again.. if the performance is otherworldly and one of the best in her career to prove the haters wrong, im all for it. if it's a standard M performance im not really into it. 

    Who gives a shit about these fake outrages and backlashes when her music (old & new) will be heard by 200M people !? As long as she doesn’t completely fuck up her performance, she’s all set for a renaissance era and she should have no problem selling out her next tour (not counting the US). 

  5. 55 minutes ago, dollhouse said:

     No. She has TONS of other classics just as deserving if not more

    Give LAP a rest.

    LAP is Madonna’s all-time best song (according to most critics and MANY fans) and this year is its 30th birthday! It needs no rest! Holiday is also a good idea but it’s definitely not a better choice than LAP as a closer! Papa Don’t Preach’s message is too specific for such a universal stage, just like we all know she ain’t performing LAV even when it’s one of her biggest classics. 

  6. 4 hours ago, sul8323 said:

    The Like a Prayer album was done in two weeks?  

    Ariana’s album wasn’t literally done within two weeks either. She was already recording new music before Sweetener was released. My whole point is that the time it takes to finish an album has nothing to do with artistry. The reasons why M is taking so long to release the new album are:

    1. She is a mother of six and has her own schedule for her family. She’s not going to lock herself up in a studio for weeks/months.

    2. The album release date needs to work with the tour itinerary and promo schedule. 


  7. 30 minutes ago, dollhouse said:

    I think esc has always had massive views even without big stars..

    Oh of course I know she's also targeting the entire mass with ESC, but I feel like this era could be the perfect opportunity to secure back her very core audience who still buys her music, that is gay men of different generations, many of whom have jumped ship after 2008. 

    World Pride Ambassador/Headliner, the prestigious GLAAD award, Eurovision performance, the alleged "disco" track etc. 

    The stars are aligning. 

  8. 30 minutes ago, Danny Bubbles said:

    I think everyones overthinking this. A good PR plan will do key magazines, key talk shows, key appearances, all sorts of key promos. Eurovision is ideal for her - massive audience, very rare does any TV show get an audience as big as this, of key, target pop fans (and mostly gay man). It will be one of many things she does in different markets. Relax. Enjoy it. She couldn't pick a much better one off promo event as this but it will be one of many high profile opportunities that they are planning as they clearly believe in this record.

    This. Eurovision will be M’s biggest promo spot to date, even more so than SB. She’s snatching all the gays back with this new album. I’m dying to hear that Disco Stomper track.

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