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  1. Can some of you stop having meltdowns 24/7 because of completely unreliable rumours? :blink: She’s about to deliver the most watched performance of her career ffs. Stop focusing on negativity. She will perform the disco single and one of her biggest classics (most likely LAP). 

    And btw, I don’t know if people are just joking but there’s no chance in hell shes performing Celebration/Don’t Tell Me. She’s performing for 200M people and got another massive tour to sell. It’s time to win back the GP and there’s no better choice than LAP or LIB.

  2. What's the point of having one letter occupying NINE posts if it's a countdown? If she's counting it down from 10 to 1 then her Instagram will be flooded by 90 countdown squares which make no sense. "LX" sounds like the most logical guess so far.

  3. 1 minute ago, Gabriel Ciccone said:

    What's the problem with admitting that she's delayed the album? The Vogue Italias was very clear about releasing the album by the end of 2018.

    Then why were they booking arenas for Fall 2019? 

  4. 1 hour ago, rebelheart said:

    There were 15 tracks on the mixing whiteboard last year & then she recorded a song with Maluma last month so probably around 16 in total. 

    1. Killers

    2. Extreme Occident

    3. Dark Ballet

    4. I Don't Search, I Find

    5. God Control

    6. Batuka

    7. Funana

    8. Medellin

    9. Future

    10. I Live

    11. Crazy

    12. Faz Gostoso (Ft Anitta)

    13. Loca

    14. Back That Up

    15. Come Alive

    16. Indian Summer (Ft Maluma)


    Medellin has got to be the Maluma track though. It’s his birthplace after all.

  5. 1 hour ago, Magician said:

    She skipped South America last tour so there is extra pent up demand for what is always a very eager market. All those South American shows will be in stadiums and easily sell out. 

    Also if she’s indeed performing on Eurovision, she should have no problem selling out stadiums in EU. 

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