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  1. I have Sirius in my car so I've been listening to Madonna's station when I'm driving.Lots of good songs being played! Yesterday,I heard the live version of "Express Yourself" from the MDNA tour,and today they played the 2003 MTV Awards performance of "Like A Virgin and "Hollywood".I also heard "Dear Jessie"! I wish that this was a permanent station.

  2. 1 hour ago, justi5myluv said:

    When she sings “my god look at me now” she is like a 90s rock goddess and that energy.. I have never heard her sing like that before. Wow. That’s what make the song so special. 

    I agree,her vocals are incredible on this song! 

  3. 19 minutes ago, Sjewell88 said:

    OMG this is hands down my favorite track on the album!!!! On the first listen the choir and then the disco explosion gave me goosebumps.  Then I really listened hard and I saw the 70s nods (do the hustle) the TomTom Club rap and most importantly the message.  This is a song filled with the rage and frustration so many of us are feeling about lack of gun control obviously but as Trump, climate change, homophobia, inequality, Brexit, the increase in hate and corruption and our government’s unwillingness to do anything about it.  But instead of writing a scorched earth diatribe she put her frustration into an amazing swirly dance classic.  “It’s a weird kind of energy” Indeed! And a way to dance in a brand new way.  She delivered! 

    I totally agree.

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