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  1. It's really not fair of you to set people up for a fall like that...and on purpose too. Not nice! :noway:

    Whaaaat? Forgive us for having a DIFFERENT opinion sir ;) Some People are just too blind to see. Sometimes things are not really what they seem...that's what I am saying ;). Madonna it is. I am 100% sure! Anna in January said that we would be playing the guessing game this Spring ;)))

  2. Well we'll find out pretty soon I guess... But think of this: Who would Billboard rightfully claim to be a dance legend? Madonna? With 43 Dance number ones ( Rihanna is second with 20) , which is the highest number of chart toppers not only for the dance charts but for any other Billboard charts in History? Or Nile Rodgers?

    Besides this fact... Shapeshifting... Oh yes, sure Nile Rodgers.... Not. Madonna is the chamaleon of chamaleons! But it's fun to see People be so doubtful, not only here but everywhere. It means mission accomplished. That's the whole point behind the strategy!

  3. Get Unconscious, please stop being so nasty to everyone. You're no more or less important than anyone else and everyone should have the space to express themselves. If you don't get that then you have no business calling yourself a Madonna fan. Be nice. It makes the world easier.

    So, I think this: There were rumours about Rihanna even Gaga being involved with Secret Project last year. She has the magazine out with Katy Perry. I think We R Superstars will feature Katy, maybe more and she's obviously trying to create a buzz and some anticipation for a big new release...

    I actually think she might feature Someone but not Katy...she performed with Miley, did a photo shoot with Katy....my bets are on Rihanna or Beyonce

  4. Seems like:

    + "We-R-Superstars" is name of this track/dub/whatever it is

    + Pete Tong mentions The Wondermints at the end (a genuine band, and perhaps referring to the previous track on the radio show?), BUT THEN "disco revival from 'ID'" (I can't find any artist named ID online)

    + It's on Spinnin' Records' Soundcloud and YouTube page (?)

    + The Billboard description has abosulutely nothing to do with this at all :lol:

    + If it IS Madonna, seems like the track Billboard are referring to is a SAMPLE of this, this is the instrumental, or it's being "tested" under a pseudonym

    Someone replay the whole show on iPlayer pronto and see if anything was mentioned before this was played. Remember - Pete Tong did play the dub version of Hung Up as a global premiere back in 2005 so...

    NOBODY in the Madonna community noticed this for four whole days (was posted online on the 3rd), despite it being played on Radio One!

    WHAT A MESS :lol: :lol:

    I think this is deffo madonna. Rimember last year when "Anna" said that they would release her Music with out the name to create buzz and then once the song was popular: BAM it would be reveal ed that it was Madonna....mmm I think it's a likely scenario

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