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  1. They've pushed back the release for GT in the UK AGAIN!!! Lets hope that means some form of promo theyve planned.

    Yep, fingers crossed. The ideal thing would be for her to appear on britain's got talent and perform ghosttown for their 10 million audience. I think the live shows start on Saturday May 9....uhmmm ;) One can only hope! But why would they keep pushing the release back if not for promo?

  2. Well guys as i alredy told you she will not be performinh at the billboard awards unfortunately. It's 100% confirmed she isn't.

    Liz rosenberg said she was booked to appear on letterman. So that should happen within the next month. Last episode is may 20. If things havent changed. I doubt she will be performing though

  3. Another case of the media taking stuff out of context. In context of all the things she said in that radio interview it made perfect sense. The Thatcher picture is the same story. Even the idea that people would think her post was like worshipping or kind of endorsement of Thatchers actions or stance is ridiculous. It's like they have no idea who Madonna is and what she stands for. And even if they have no idea, that's not Madonnas problem. I'd say educate yourself. Is it really so hard to see that there are similarities between Madonna and Thatcher. Even if there is just one: being a powerful woman in a male dominated world. A woman everyone has an opinion about. Good or bad. A woman getting attacked for her actions, justified or unjustified. No, people jump to conclusions immediately. And never in favor of this person. Where is this "Oh, wait a second" attitude?

    + 1. People seem to be so basic like it's just Black or white. They don't perceive any nuances. It's kind of scary

  4. Guys, i can confirm that M will not be performing at the Billboard awards :(. I work in entertainment and have some connections in the US. Just spoke to one of my friends who works for getty. She was having breakfast with one of the executive producers of the show so i asked her to ask him if M was performin. He said No... But that If I was into Rihanna or britney i would be happy ... So there you go, she isn't performing :(

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