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  1. It's not really a hint to be honest...He posted a pic of her at the 2013 met. He also posted a pic of Beyonce. However, Beyonce is said to be attending...we shall just have to wait and see. She did say last year that she would attend this year...:p

  2. She wrote something like " before i unfollow you i hope you Remember all the efforts dr brandt put into making you Beautiful and happy and you skinned him of his Last penny" i think she deleted it Now as i can't see it anymore. It was a comment under her Saturday night on line pic

  3. Guys, I don't get the meltdowns. Of course there is gonna be more promo. Guy said 2015 is gonna be all Rebel Heart. We have a whole summer ahead of us. She wont just sit quite! How can any of you even come to the assumption that it's over? Just relax. There's gonna be a lot more Madonna.

    That probably means Rebel Heart the tour. To be honest I doubt there is gonna be any more promo. She is gonna be rehearsing for the tour and that's it from now on. We can't complain as though she has promoted quite a lot this era.

  4. Ok, so they certainly aren't waiting to release Ghosttown on May 4 for Britain's got talent. The Live shows start on May 22. So what could it be? Uhmm...if they have just postponed it for the sake of it to May 4...Then I really don't know what the hell they're doing...and even worst they don't know it themselves LOL

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