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  1. My age is irrelevant. You post the same pessimist shit in every thread. Sounds like you're the 1 who needs treatment.

    Who cares if the song bombs. Do you want a video or not? She could have just as easily not made one at all and then you'd REALLY be whining and freaking out. So shut up. You haven't even seen it yet. Save your criticisms (and we know there will be a few from you :bad: ) til after it has premiered. Til then, yes, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    Ok so this is the last time I'm gonna waste my time replying to you. After this you're just gonna be on the ignore button.

    The one who's continuously whining and being agressive is you. Read a book, take a pill, relax!

    I express my opinions like everybody else without attacking anyone and other than that I also bring some of the info I have such as

    a) Madonna is not gonna be @ the Billboard awards as confirmed to me by my source at Getty

    b) she is gonna be on Letterman most probably on the 19th as confirmed by the same source.

    Now, piss off and Goodbye

  2. From Madonnatribe:

    Madonna will shoot her new music video this week, MadonnaTribe has learnt.

    A casting notice has been sent out for dancers to join the Queen of Pop in her latest clip, and the crew shoots are planned for Thursday, May 14.

    The production team is looking for super hip, edgy performers aged 15-30 year, men and women. They are calling for a variety of different types, from street kids to club folks, with unique, interesting faces, all willing to hand.

    Shooting will take place in New York City and will include a pool party (and yes, the dancers may be asked to swim) as well as a club scene.

    Hope there's more to this to be honest. Sounds just like any other video. This needs to be epic if they wish to make any dent.

  3. and bitch I'm madonna being a single makes me nervous because if she performs live earth, she's gonna sing that and eliminate even more casual fans. its all about devil pray, joan of arc, etc. bitch I'm madonna is that fun song you play for a joke on fallon. if it charts with a joke video like bey's 7/11 or whatever its called, then good. but honestly i think it will only hurt her. and those fickle nicki fans & that teenage generation are not worth it. so i really fucking hope they'll at least use diplo version, because the album version is not gonna do a lot

    also i can't believe people say she can't release devil pray because of "lyrical content", have you listened to bitch I'm madonna? or bitch better have my money? and devil pray has no controversial lyrics if you get it & listen.

    Don't worry she won't be performing the song or any other song for that matter on Live Earth ;). I don't like the song and don't think it will fare any better than LFL or GT but am hoping in a good fun video where she looks hot and with some surprises.

  4. Nope. About two weeks ago the producer said it would be a British act to be announced on June 1st. Apparently the news slipped before that date though .

    Live Earth maybe? There doesn't seem to be any hype over it however

    But Live Nation is one of the partners of the event so.... Maybe a performance with Lady Gaga. They are bound to do something together now, don't think it will be a song but some kind of appearance/performance

  5. she looks beautiful but was hoping for something edgier and more dramatic. Let's hope the promo with Diplo continues! Maybe she convinced Perry adn Gaga to perform with her at the billboard awards...she did say in an instagram post that she had changed her mind...could it be about performing? That would be great!!!

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