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  1. Ok so this is the last time I'm gonna waste my time replying to you. After this you're just gonna be on the ignore button. The one who's continuously whining and being agressive is you. Read a book, take a pill, relax! I express my opinions like everybody else without attacking anyone and other than that I also bring some of the info I have such as a) Madonna is not gonna be @ the Billboard awards as confirmed to me by my source at Getty b) she is gonna be on Letterman most probably on the 19th as confirmed by the same source. Now, piss off and Goodbye
  2. I'm not saying it's like the Celebration video. What I mean is that I hope there's a twist to it to make it somehow go viral.
  3. OMG How old are you? 12? I hope you are because if you're older than 15 I would strongly consider getting some treatment if I were you. I mean seriously!
  4. Hope there's more to this to be honest. Sounds just like any other video. This needs to be epic if they wish to make any dent.
  5. LOL. I know some people are just miserable. They look for anything to attack others
  6. Of course she is on 100% On Letterman May 19. What about your info about M being on billboard awards traditional. Did Bette Middler forbid her to go on?
  7. I know some People who work for Getty and they have a photo session on May 19 where Letterman films and Madonna is expected to be there. It's the same source who told me she wouldn't be at the billboard awards
  8. Madonna will be on Letterman on May 19. Announcement prolly at the end of next week
  9. We are only speculating . Anyhow among the many false rumors you spread you said that living for love video was B&W and that she was performing on billboard. So you're not the most reliable of sources. Just saying LOL
  10. I think it would ne great if the bitch i'm madonna line would be said in the video by: fallon, ellen, rita ora, katy, miley, rihanna, kanye, maybe sean penn . Can you imagine. The video would go viral! Let's hope they're planning something like this
  11. That's exactly what i had in mind. If she can get some high profile celebrites to do it the video Will go viral!
  12. You're so boring. A broken record. There's already been a ban by the looks of it. The victim Being your brain!
  13. Ideally she would perform it at the billboard awards and release it the following Day to radio and on itunes with a remix version. Obviously that won't happen
  14. On a positive note this can't do any worse than LFL or GT which didn't chart at all
  15. Who the hell is Kelly Mango?
  16. I love Devil pray. Probably the best song on the album. There, I've said it!
  17. Don't worry she won't be performing the song or any other song for that matter on Live Earth . I don't like the song and don't think it will fare any better than LFL or GT but am hoping in a good fun video where she looks hot and with some surprises.
  18. Live Earth maybe? There doesn't seem to be any hype over it however But Live Nation is one of the partners of the event so.... Maybe a performance with Lady Gaga. They are bound to do something together now, don't think it will be a song but some kind of appearance/performance
  19. Nope. About two weeks ago the producer said it would be a Britis act to be announced on June 1st. Apparently the news slipped before that date though
  20. I never thought she would to be honest. The organizers have been saying it was a British act for ages. Don't know why some thought she was a possibility
  21. she looks beautiful but was hoping for something edgier and more dramatic. Let's hope the promo with Diplo continues! Maybe she convinced Perry adn Gaga to perform with her at the billboard awards...she did say in an instagram post that she had changed her mind...could it be about performing? That would be great!!!
  22. She is in tour mode, we won't see her till the 29 of august
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