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  1. 5 hours ago, robster said:

    That is simply not true. I know for a fact that DrownedMadonna was actually working with M's team to stop the leaks and find the culprit!

    Drowned snitched on their source? 😂 That explains why they've been high and dry ever since

  2. I'm not into Maluma's music or that genre so I never expected to love the song.

    Still happy with what we've seen from the video which looks epic, love the covers, the visuals, the releases, the way everything is presented, etc...

    Without a doubt her most exciting phase since 2005/2006

  3. 6 minutes ago, Kim said:

    This subtle trolling is getting very boring. Either that or you've recently had a brain injury.

    Pack it in or you're outta here.


    4 minutes ago, runa said:

    Troll-in-chief is in the house, I see...

    Can't wait for the day you won't be able to write more than 10 of your shitty trolling post.


    Glad to know wasn't just me imagining things

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