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  1. 3 minutes ago, Shane said:

    It’s interesting that a lot of the ageist comments on social media seem to be coming from gay males in their late 40s or early 50s, who you would think would be cheering her on.  Is it their own fear of aging or being “traded in” that is making them speak this way?

    She looks amazing this era.  She is 60, and one day she will be 70, then 80.  Appreciate her.  Respect her.  Love her!

    And yet she doesn't look anywhere near 60, not even 50.....

    Timeless beauty

  2. 4 hours ago, Monsieur X said:

    The fact that some male homosexuals think that this looks "fat" or "out of shape" says more about their own body issues than anything to do with Madonna herself.

    Please don't throw your own body dysmorphic shit and unrealistic expectations of what female "beauty" or "fitness" is supposed to be on Madonna (or any woman, for that matter). We are not here for that in 2019. Thanks.

    It isn't the first time she's been so OBESE though?







  3. 36 minutes ago, horn said:

    Believe it or not, I have yet to listen to MX till now cos I'm waiting for my clear LP (3 copies)  from Madonna store. I have the Japanese version, fnac version, boxset, black lp, rainbow lp, blue lp but all remains sealed. :sneaky:

    hold up....WHAT?

    have you watched the videos? performances? etc...?

  4. 35 minutes ago, Crystal Coffin said:


    Madonna is closer to David Bowie than MARIAH or CELINE in every possible way.

    Plant that fact in your head so that you can stop grieving foolishly (and dragging other fans to share your sorrow too) over low views, low streaming numbers, low sales, low airplay, receiving no acclaims from corrupted critics, no awards (Bowie won just ONE FUCKING GRAMMY), I wish I could fucking slap everyone here so that you wake the fuck up to accept her cult status now. 

    This needs to be pinned somewhere tbh

    A reminder of what we've been blessed with so far:


    dfgdgfgsgsdfgslkjlk :drama:

  5. 5 hours ago, Kurt420 said:

    IDSIF gets my vote. Lyrics are pure Madonna, obviously the 90's feel instantly grabs me. I really feel like a kid in the early 90's again when I listen to this. Madame X is also Dita apparently! I even hear a touch of the 80's Madonna voice at the end when she sings "finally enough love..." the last couple of times. Love how the song sort of pulses along...it's smooth and soothing but you can still dance to it.


    GC is a piece of art. One of the most unique songs she's ever done and catchy af!! One of my faves on album. 

    That's how I feel too.

    For repeat listens IDSIF gets my vote, smooth and soothing is a great way to describe it and I know it'll find its way into all my future playlists.

  6. Medellin/Living For Love

    Dark Ballet/Devil Pray

    God Control/Ghosttown

    Future/Unapologetic Bitch


    Killers Who Are Partying/Bitch I'm Madonna

    Crave/Hold Tight

    Crazy/Joan Of Arc

    Come Alive/Iconic

    Extreme Occident/Heartbreak City

    Faz Gostoso/Body Shop

    Bitch I'm Loca/Holy Water

    I Don't Search I Find/Inside Out

    Looking For Mercy/Wash All Over Me

    I Rise/Best Night

    Funana/Veni Vidi Vici

    Back That Up To The Beat/S.E.X

    Ciao Bella/Messiah

     Soltera/Rebel Heart

    MX :  17  RH : 2


    I unchecked and disabled a lot of Rebel Heart after the 2nd listen and ended up making my own playlist mixed with demos and edits instead, I liked the original Avicci demo and the direction she took with Living For Love which I wish she explored further, some of the unreleased material was great (Queen, Borrowed Time, etc...) but the final release was disjointed with some of the worst sound quality I've ever heard on a Madonna album, for such a detail oriented artist with one of the greatest music catalogs in pop history that was unforgivable and makes it very difficult to listen without feeling frustrated.

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