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  1. and some say she isnt capable of making amazing videos anymore. She probably dont give a fuck about single release videos because nobody plays them anymore and she'd sooner save it for when shes touring. one of her finest videos (and shoots) of all time.

    You can't really appreciate videos on a huge screen whilst trying to watch her at the same time. I wouldn't mind if she would actually consider releasing them on the DVDs but she never does and we get crappy photo galleries as extras instead. :thumbsdown:

  2. OHHHHH FUCKIN PLZ....stop defending her soul-less self centered shows,,,their so boringly predicatable....shitty ass song picks,same scripted dialog with the crowd,4 acts,political and kabbalh shit video interludes,songs being reworked' and the more than predictable friggin screen coming down over her and her dancers at the end with some pathetic ass phrase,,,"re-invent yourself" "have u confessed' and now "game over" its no SURPRISE OR WONDER she wasnt named one of the best live acts of alltime,,,,,

    You must really love her. :dramatic:

  3. 'miles away' had a really good reaction at the cardiff gig, possibly the best of all the album tracks played. i think it will do well as a single although there are others that i prefer

    It did get a great reaction, but I can't see it being a huge hit, particularly as GI2M only made no. 7. :americanlife:

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