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  1. Got my CDs today and the initial excitement soon wore off when I heard what a total mess they have made. Not to mention the piss-poor spelling mistakes and missing/incorrect credits in the booklet.

    Erotica and Music have just left me speechless, how in the hell did they get through the quality control checks (assuming they have them)? I just checked out Cherish too, ugh, it's not that obvious on first listen but still, it's shameful that it got through like that. The intro to Dress You Up is almost forgivable, but the other mistakes are just pathetic. :rant:

  2. Indeed - there's loads of her *own* iconic images for her to choose from.

    Speaking of the cowgirl look - what is it with these fat girls and rubbish gheys who are *still* wearing fluffy cowboy hats to Madonna shows. Is it just a UK thing? I can't say I noticed any at CT.

    They were even selling those hats on the official merchandise stalls at Cardiff. :confused:

  3. It makes sense to me.

    Because... in the old days, when you bought the album, did that album count towards singles sales/singles charts? No.

    So actually, the single ends up better off because think of all the people that are buying the song twice. What about when you have an album version and a single version? So in that case if you buy the album as well after buying the single it DOES count. Which was NOT the case with physical sales.

    But they didn't deduct the sale of a single from the charts if say, you bought the album and a single from it at the same time.

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